Ola Advertising in India: Outdoor advertising landscape

Ola Advertising in India: Outdoor advertising landscape

India’s biggest cab aggregator and one of the fastest-growing taxi hiring firms in the world, Ola has over 60% market share of the ride-sharing market in India. Offering the lowest rates, collaborating with iconic local taxis & auto-rickshaws by introducing Ola Auto. As of December 2018, Ola serves over 18 Million customers covering 120+ cities and over 50 million rides per month, Ola has become the point of convergence for city commuting in most metro cities in India.

From being the most preferred ride-sharing service to become the pilot of brand promotions, Ola is on its way to becoming the country’s largest out of home advertising (OOH) platform. Offering services both in digital and print-based ads, It helps to promote your message and leverage marketing momentum for your brand, making it a very effective transit advertising platform. It would not be a surprise if users are able to purchase a product directly from Ola Play in the near future.

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What does Ola Ads offer?

Ola Ads offers a wide variety of advertising options for brands. Ola Play & Ola App are the 2 digital platforms where a brand’s ads are displayed. Digital ads include banner ads in cabs on tablets which are non-intrusive, cube cards in-cab, cube cards on Ola app, Ola play screen: Pre – Roll / Muted video, banner ads on ola app which has contextual targeting and the print-based ads include external car door branding, car top branding, internal car seat branding, and brochures inside the car.

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Why Ola Ads?

Contextual – It offers highly contextual ads which depend on various factors like time of day, location, type of the cab, income level and gender. With the relevance filtering of Ads, It weeds out irrelevant Ads on the digital Ad services.

Multiple Platforms – Supporting both major mobile operating systems Android and iOS and multiple device formats like phones and tablets, It provides digital Ad services to the brands across all major platforms. Brands can also take advantage of the digital Ad service displayed on Ola Play tablets.

Custom Cohorts – Ads are customised exactly in accordance with the needs of a traveller, from frequent fliers to working professionals, from students to premium buyers, ads are catered mostly in sync with their requirements.

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Ola Ads have Maximum impact –

It procures undivided attention from users by showing Ads only when they are completely engaged in it. The sizes of Ads played on the user mobile phones and Ola Play devices are 5X bigger than comparable ads on other platforms. The ads on ola are ten times better than the average performance on different platforms. It reports brands more than 50% high-quality impressions which is much higher than other platforms. And it believes in Lower Ad Density = better ad recall and superior ad experience for users.

Who use Ola Ads?

The E-commerce behemoths, software service providers, leading smartphone makers, FMCG Brands, Real estate companies, finance sector businesses & several startups. Most companies of various magnitudes use Ola Ads for their brand promotions & it the most preferred transit advertising platform.

Success stories –

Ola helped a major travel aggregator to create a campaign to target railway stations & airports commuters would require a hotel stay at the last moment by placing banner ads on Ola Play devices and user’s mobile phones & helped the brand generate more than 250 hotel bookings at the last moment within 2 weeks of the campaign.
A prestigious real estate developer reached more than half a million potential homebuyers in less than 4 days of the campaign by running banner ads on user’s mobile phones.

An online shopping giant reached more than 6 million users during the special sale period in 3 days targeting a specific audience by playing carousel ads giving the campaign a phenomenal response rate of 1.7 lakh engagements.
A leading online content provider in India reached more than 2 million users to showcase the latest superhit movie by engaging in-cab and in-app advertisements giving them whopping returns of 1 Million unique visitors.

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