According to research, brand consideration increases by 50% when promoted on OOH platforms. Make use of non-stop city traffic to your brand’s advantage. Outdoor advertising gives brands the opportunity to reach & engage people on the move. It helps brands showcase key marketing messages in important locations. Over 60% of the audience see at least 1 transit advertising within minutes of stepping outdoors. It provides a contextually relevant, unintrusive way to connect to the audience. Discover how transit advertising can help your brand grow by exploring our possibilities documentation.

Explore Transit Advertising Possibilities

Advertising Options

Advertising on Ola

India’s biggest cab aggregator & one of the fastest-growing taxi hiring firms in the world, Ola has over 60% market share of the ride-sharing market in India. It serves over 18 Million customers covering 120+ cities & over 50M rides per month. Ola Play & Ola App are the 2 digital platforms where a brand’s ads are displayed – Ola App & Ola Play

The biggest advantage of using ola advertising is the customer profiling option. Profiling in terms of context, devices & custom cohorts such as frequent fliers, outstation travellers, students, working professionals or office goers-10X ROI than other channels, Only Genuine Impressions assured, Undivided user attention

Ola Play

5.5+ Million users/month


Ensures a high reach


Quick visibility among the riders

Ola App

Non Avoidable Ads on the App


1+ Million unique users


1.5 Million app bookings/day

Advertising on Uber

Uber Ads allows you to advertise in & on vehicles plying on the uber taxi advertising platform. Helping businesses to use the ultra-active urban transport medium to showcase their products & services. It offers all-round car advertisement solution with several print-based Ad installations both inside & outside the car such as car door branding, car top branding, internal seat back branding & Ads in the form of pamphlets or brochures inside the car.

Uber reaches out to a wide range of customers right from homemakers to business travellers, college students, & working professionals, where each rider spends around 40 to 45 mins in the car for each trip they book.

Why Uber?
location Taxi advertising

High presence in prime locations

airport-trip Taxi advertising

300,000+ weekly trips to the Airport

it-park Taxi advertising

Visibility in IT Parks on a daily basis


Categories – Internal Branding & Car Wrapping


Uninterrupted Ads for maximum impact


Rider Impressions, Heat Maps, Geo Temporal Engagement

Advertising on Bus

Bus advertising is a remarkable medium of transit advertising helping in creating awareness in desired neighborhoods. Bus advertisement offers lower entry costs and higher regional flexibility. By putting your advertisement inside the bus you will be able to target commuters travelling in city buses. Moreover, advertisement on the exterior of the buses will help you target people on roads such as pedestrians, car goers & on other means of transport.

We are one of the reputed advertising agencies offering exclusive Bus advertising options. Mplan does branding on government & private buses as well. Render result-oriented bus branding solutions by implementing exclusive creative strategies helping to intensify client’s business growth.

Why Bus?
exterior-bus-branding Bus advertising

Excellent visibility on the exterior of buses

larger-canvas Bus advertising

Larger canvas area for brand advertising

city-areas Bus advertising

Covers most city areas, Increased visibility


Varied options: Stickers, bus TVC, wrapping


Can’t be ignored or turned off like Television


Extensive coverage all through the day round-the-clock

Advertising on Metro

Metro branding is one of the newest & innovative advertising media and is en route to becoming the most preferred means of transport in cities in India. It offers a strong & consistent group of an audience similar to other OOH platforms. It offers a captive audience both inside metro coaches while travelling and also outside the trains while waiting. In railway advertising India, after buses, metros are the most used medium of public transport.

We are a full-service metro advertising agency which helps you to leverage all the benefits of metro advertising. A metro advertising agency like Mplan helps you to connect respective metro service provider in the city, provide creative consultation, best offers in per railway advertising India bogie rates, end-to-end solutions to execute your campaign & achieve your objectives.

Why Metro?
exposure-area Metro advertising agency

High footfall in most areas, increased exposure

increase-in-sales Metro advertising agency

Improved brand recall, Increasing chances of sales

multiple-wrap Metro advertising agency

Multiple options: Outer wraps, smart card, interior wrap

min-dwell Railway advertising India

A minimum dwell time of 5 – 10 minutes

network Railway advertising India

Large operational network covers most areas

higher-roi Railway advertising India

Lower clutter rate, Low spillover rate, Higher ROI

Why Mplan Media

There’s a research-backed & data-driven approach for your brand advertisement. As per the requirements we provide solutions – strategy, planning, market research, media buying, medium to choose, location of placements, design & creative aspect, guidance on retention. Accessibility of campaign result reports, insights on the ad performance & impact. Hassle-free and lucrative TRANSIT Advertising process for your brand. Make your product/service stand out of the crowd and procure outstanding results.

Exceeding expectations, building strong relationships, Amidst the CROWD


Personalized Mix & Full-service approach.

Partner with most major transit mediums.

Cost-Effective planning & strategies.

Measure impact, Optimize campaigns.

Eye-catching transit campaigns @ best rates


We serve most major transit options by providing maximum possibilities such as bus branding, taxi advertising & railway advertising India.


Ola Play & App


Mobile Van Ads


Auto Branding

Transit Advertising

On Seat Branding

Transit Advertising

Vehicle Wraps

Efficient & cost effective transit advertising