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Startups begin their journey in the world of business with initial hiccups. And, Marketing problem is one of the major challenges startups need to overcome to establish the brand in the business space. The start-up brand promotion requires a lot of imagination & ideas.

You need to market your brand to be visible to your target audiences. Problems, young entrepreneurs face are many which might be relevant to every brand. Media planning for startups is highly important for them to succeed in the space which is growing at a rapid pace.

Challenges of Startup Marketing

Insufficiency of funds / Securing enough budget – In Media planning for startups The biggest challenge they suffer from is to secure enough budget for their marketing plans & they find it difficult to work with a sizable & flexible fund allocated for marketing their products.

Competition, lack of research – Other businesses are vying for the same customer the rupee you are. In today’s market space especially in India, over a thousand startups get incorporated every year & most startups fight for the existing demand for the queen/king positions.

Lack of proper marketing strategy – Startup owners are often experts in the product or service they provide rather than marketing the actual product itself. Without a plan & strategy, you have too many “opportunities” present with no way to filter what makes sense for your business.


Finding the right marketing channels – In startup marketing, they fail due to lack of funds & invest in only social by eliminating the options such as traditional media. Ineffective presence on a specific platform can hurt the most.

Increasing visibility or generating quality leads – Ultimate goal of Media planning for startups is to generate leads, startups often end up with lesser ROI for the campaigns.

Solutions for financial marketing challenges

Marketing businesses used to be about “fitting in” but today, it’s about standing out. It’s about being bold, proving how you’re different. If customers cannot see how you’re different from others, then you’re invisible. We work with the brightest entrepreneurs, self enlightened, forward-thinking startups building advertising campaigns to create brand visibility, awareness & differentiation. If you believe that you cannot solve your problems, then get in touch with us.

Bridging the gap between your STRUGGLE & SUCCESS.

By introducing the unique positioning (USP): It is always is in what you have & your competitors don’t.
Budget Specific Planning – Makes the campaigns be planned w.r.t ROI & outcomes and not blind targeting.
With Demographic-based targeting – Age, gender, location etc are used for advertising.
Lead Nurturing & Campaign Management – We optimise & make betterment strategies.

Plan Ads Better.

What Mplan does?


End-to-end advertising solutions in traditional media: Television, cinema, radio, newspaper, outdoor advertising.


With Search engine optimization, SEO auditing, site optimization, analysis & reporting, PPC advertising.


Conversion rate optimization, user experience improvement for digital assets, A/B testing & Media planning for startups.


Social media marketing, content strategy, content creation, audience engagement, monitoring.


Providing digital services such as email marketing, influencer marketing, programmatic advertising.


Solutions for businesses in media strategy & planning, media analytics, creative consulting & performance auditing.

Results Driven

Mplan Media empowers Startups business to make smarter marketing decisions.

A dedicated team of Media planning for startups experts, helping businesses with media technologies to develop creative, efficient, transparent, & sustainable advertising solutions. And when it comes to our relationships with clients, we are a people-first company.



Our clients are never in the dark. We offer full transparency & openness in our process, platforms, communication, rates & partnerships.



Our full-service media planning & advertising includes all media in-house, from Programmatic to Print, from TV to Twitter.


Data Driven

We are a technology first media planning agency with data-driven solutions for precision media planning & advertising for brands.



We’re a powerhouse team of media professionals who continuously push the boundaries of how technology and media intersect.

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