Television Advertising

Television Advertising

With the advent of mobile phones and an ever-growing internet penetration, television is the last bastion in India that balances highly specific individualistic consumption with shared cultural experiences and contexts. With an estimated 800+ channels in India today, it is important for our clients to avail the most economic and relevant slots that provide maximum engagement with their target group (TG), or intended consumers.

  • Audience segmentation by demographics.
  • Audience segmentation by psychographics.
  • Audience media usage analysis.
  • National, state, local and hyper-local television slots.
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The aim of MPlan is to ensure that we plan and buy those media platforms that are the most suitable for our clients’ campaign objectives. Follow-ups on the performance of the message and the chosen platform are done as well so that we can track, fine-tune and optimize for future execution.

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1. Will television agencies help me design my ad?

Not all television agencies can help you design your ad. However, MPlan Media can help you design as well as place your television ad in the right slot and channel.

2. How much does it cost to advertise on television?

The cost of advertising on television varies greatly. It depends on the channels, the time band and the ad format being used. The starting cost of advertising on TV is Rs.200 for 10 seconds. But, it could go up to a few lakhs for a 10-second ad, if other advertising factors are considered.

3. How do I get discounts while advertising on television?

Being eligible for discounts on television card rates depends on the business size. Television ad agencies can get you the best advertising slots at discounted rates once you share your requirements with them.

4. How do I know about television viewership?

The number of television viewers, also known as a viewership, is reported by BARC. However, BARC is a subscription-based service, and receiving a detailed reach number would involve a fee. You can also ask your television advertising agency to furnish this. Reach numbers are important in selecting the channels you wish to advertise on.

5. How would I know whether, or not, my ad was played?

Television advertising agencies provide a BARC report that mentions the times at which your ad was played. A BARC report also provides the ad length.