Watching TV is the nation’s most common leisure activity. It continues to have an impact on audiences of all ages and demographics. With over 40% direct impact rate, it still stands strong as the most powerful advertising medium. Download the whitepaper on television advertisement to understand your audience behavior, watching patterns, demands of the consumer & discover what the future holds for the television industry in Marketing. Brands count on our for being their television advertising agency of choice for transparent tv advertising rates. One of the top Television Advertising Agencies In India Mplanoffers the best rates to campaign performance ratio for the campaigns.

Challenges of Television Advertising

Scheduling the SPOTS – Top TV advertising companies India helping you choose spots for your TG in ads. With our audience expertise, we are aware of all the dayparts according to its viewership rate.

Understand the brands PERSPECTIVE – Top TV advertising companies India which follows “Listen, Analyse, Resolve” as the Motto. Understand the client’s main objectives & goals before we take any further actions.

REACH vs FREQUENCY channels – Tv Ad Agency in India to give you what needs length, what needs breadth in the most precise way & analyse what channels are required for the campaign.

Dual TG OVERLAP – Choosing collective viewing channels. Reaching both the TG’s: Kids & Parents are the TG, our experts have an experience of working with most complex TG’s.

Metrics – We are a Tv Ad Agency in India primarily focussing on TRP, CPRP, frequency, incremental reach factors while making the perfect media plan in tv advertisement for your brand.

Skilled Media Specialists – We choose the perfect time/spot, when & where the ad should be played, duration etc for a maximum reach of your tv advertisement.

Television Advertising Agencies In India

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Right slots, Right program selection, Maximum Impact on your audience

Viewership data for TV in India is reported by BARC: consortium of broadcasters & advertisers. A Television Media Planning Agency which uses data-driven strategies and with an analysis of viewership data from BARC India. We deliver exceptional strategies for brands in television advertising India.

We make your brand transform its vision & achieve the objectives using television advertising campaigns. A TV ad agency which provides all-inclusive TV advertising plans, everything you need – advert, airtime & analysis. Ensure that creative and media arms are working together to achieve the best possible & sustainable routes to market your brand.

An unparalleled inventory powerhouse of 1,000+ channels

Television Media Planning Agency
Productive – Managing every step in the TV advertising process – Plan, Campaign, Analysis.

Television Media Planning Agency
Ever Improving – Test, Measure, Optimize, Scale, Achieve: Campaign level improvement.

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All-in-one – Maximized reach, Precise Targeting. All-inclusive plans. Cost-effective strategies.

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Results Speak – Always deliver high ROI campaigns to build successful brands with best Tv Advertising Rates In India.

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Television Possibilities

Best Tv Advertising Rates In India with numerous advertising options. Serve businesses with large budgets as well as smaller ones.

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L Band Ads

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