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Unmatched solutions with strategic and precision media buying

Diverse Inventory

MPlan has managed over a lot of successful campaigns and offers expertise in media planning, media buying and advertising campaigns. With us as your partner, it is for sure that you will benefit from all your campaigns and our solutions will help you achieve all your objectives.

We have a large and diverse list of clients. We have the experience that is needed to solve your problems as we can establish a strategic approach to achieving client goals. You can even pick from our diverse list of cost-effective solutions and campaign ideas to see what fits best to your needs.

Research Based Approach

We combine strategy with in-depth analysis of audiences, markets, and media. We apply our experience and expertise to interpret data and to make recommendations for your buy. The research we conduct ensures that your buy is extremely targeted.

We take into consideration your objectives and target market. We take the time to learn which media is most likely to engage, find hidden value in placement opportunities, and evaluate factors beyond what a database can tell, such as competitive and industry trends. Then we plan a strategy accordingly and execute the campaign with aim that all the objectives are achieved and that the campaign is cost-effective.

End to End Solution

We at MPlan Media offer a complete end to end solution for creating a campaign targeting your objectives, whether it’s building awareness, growing revenue, or entering new markets. We help all from businesses new to big campaigns that are ready to reach their audience to the companies experienced in media that want more than their current provider offers.

We handle every aspect of the media campaign, from strategy, planning, and research to buying, analysis, and optimization. We make sure that our approach is understood; manage the campaign through every stage; and optimize tactics at every opportunity.

Data Driven

Data and analytics have become the foundation of marketing, driving efficiency and effectiveness through better data collection, modeling, optimization and greater relevance to the consumer. An effective marketing analytics operation aligns to the brand’s strategic business goals.

We at MPlan help you reach your consumers by harnessing data and analytics in the most effective ways. We chart the path from data-driven insights to help make your campaign a success.


There are many agencies you can choose from to suit your needs, but the difference with MPlan Media is that we are a one-stop-shop, offering everything to suit your needs. Our affordable solutions are innovative, efficient and proven to work over time.

You can hire us for the entire campaign or pick which service you need the most and then adding on from there if you’d like. Once your business is all set and rolling, and if you want, we can stay and help you throughout. We’ve been serving with full-service solutions, and we continue to help businesses drive traffic and increase revenue.

Pan India Offerings

With offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, and affiliated offices in Delhi and Calcutta, we cover most of the important media outlets. MPlan targets, engages, and acquires

audiences with effective media solutions throughout the nation depending on the client’s objectives and needs. A deep understanding of local behaviours helps MPlan deliver actionable results with all the media buys.

Our Services


Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.


Connect audiences in 70 mm silver screen.


Get the share of voice from the people listening.


Put your business idea into paper and ink.


Catch the attention of a naked eye.


Turn flyers into buyers.


Digitally Creative Solutions.

Billboard & Hoarding

Let’s make it inviting to look at.

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