Fear Factor

solution-performance marketing audit agency

Marketing audit agency found that 80% of the companies post the wrong ads at the wrong time.

solution-performance marketing audit agency

30% of brands target platforms incorrectly resulting in low engagement.

solution-performance marketing audit agency

Neglected platforms or audience costing significant revenue.


Brands are unaware that many media agencies made 25% wasted spends on their advertising money in 2018.

Personalized media audits in line with professional standards.

Why auditing is needed?

Media auditing is needed to gauge how well is the media agency implementing business objectives? How effective is my media pricing, the targeting & reach versus the market & competitors?

Paid media audit can tell, Does my media mix align with my brand objectives? Is the approach correct? How well is my media agency implementing my business objectives? How effective is the pricing, targeting and reach versus the market & competitors?


Complete financial transparency with our media auditing expertise

What Mplan does?

Set optimised media budgets


In Paid media audit, we set optimised media budgets for the campaigns, determines effective media strategy, assess the media agency performance, analysing media value for money.

Detailed brand analysis


Detailed brand analysis, Take care of ROI benchmarking, media performance audit, assessing the effectiveness of media spends. Work closely with the brand in setting incentive linked KPIs, developing the right price to performance reports.

In-depth and transparent auditing


In-depth and transparent auditing: competitor analysis, platform, presentation, best practices, key metrics, improvements. Checking the agency’s media processes & evaluate the brand’s goals & objectives. Analyse the effectiveness of online spends.

Audit your social media strategy


As a part of our Media buying audit, we audit your social media strategy & performance more frequently. combine SEO analysis and social media listening, to provide a holistic view of your brand’s digital footprint. uncovers opportunities for cost savings AND performance optimization.

Media specific audit focus


TV Audit Addresses

As a part of Media buying audit, we check, What are the strengths of your TV advertising, What can be improved? Main concerns about current delivery? What is the effect of making changes to the current strategy?


TV Audit Parameters

A marketing audit agency which checks planned ratings vs actual delivery, day-part delivery, access to centre breaks, access to the position in breaks, campaign structure, audience conversions, coverage, recommendation & action points to aid forward planning.


Print Audit Addresses

Understanding campaign impact, identify immediate performance improvements, where to prioritise resources. Risk investigation, best-practice evaluation, finding key areas for a strong print performance & what publications deliver maximum media value.


Print Audit Parameters

Verification of inserts/advertorials, competitor analysis, day of week analysis, TG profiling, publication positioning, cost performance, multi-platform – how to optimise newspaper/magazine mix, print circulation vs brand awareness & output.


Outdoor Audit Addresses

Identify performance improvements & priority of resources. Digital & traditional outdoor evaluation, risk identification in the current outdoor strategy. Implement best practices for efficient outdoor media campaigning.

Outdor-audit-parameters marketing audit agency

Outdoor Audit Parameters

Verification of ad site, placement, profiling, conversions, VAI (visibility audience impact) vs market & category averages, coverage & opportunities, cost performance by site & group, audit recommendations/action points.


Digital Audit Addresses

CPM’s check by publisher, creative, format, site, engagement of the ad specific to the creative, % of the TG to whom the campaign was visible, viewability – how much & for how long? Brand safety, where they in the right site or environment.


Digital Audit Parameters

In the Digital media audit, we create a framework to improve digital performance, analysis of digital strategy, setting correct KPIs aligning to the overall media mix, establish checks & balances to measure KPI delivery, help clients to understand channels that drive value.

Radio-audit-address marketing audit agency

Radio Audit Addresses

Verification of airtime, daypart & day of week analysis, audience profiling, conversions, coverage & frequency analysis, the performance by stations, action points, ad creative analysis. The investment value of using radio within your full media mix, combining radio analysis with brand awareness & purchase cycles.

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