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The industry faces unique challenges today as people’s attitude towards healthcare has changed, making it more difficult to reach new patients at the right stage of the decision-making process & the biggest issue is that the healthcare organizations struggle to adapt to the changing needs of patients.


Challenges on Healthcare

  • Building & maintaining trust

    Consumers in healthcare are savvier than ever & gaining trust is not easy. High costs, policies, digital penetration, strict regulations & demand for personalized services, building and managing trust is the nexus of healthy marketing.

  • Increased usage of TECH in healthcare

    Traditional marketing is pushed aside with tactics with digital & social media. Healthcare in digital investments. Over 60% of the patients are already using reviews as their first step of finding doctors & 40% of them are using to evaluate doctors. Self-educated patients are now much more confident in their decisions regarding healthcare because of prior research over the web.

  • Targeting Patients Personally

    Marketing uses a wealth of data to target each individual consumer. Advertising cannot be done to the masses. It is now essential, and expected, to market your healthcare services to meet patients’ needs on a targeted individual basis to provide an enhanced experience.

  • HIPAA Regulations & Policies

    Health industry accountability & portability act defines strict rules on how healthcare institutes can use data of patients for marketing. Healthcare organizations must get consent directly from patients before using their health information in any forms of advertising. Since wearables collect a patient’s personal health information, there is still a lot of its opposition in marketing.

  • Insurance focussed marketing

    Leading patients to a healthcare institute is easy, but ensuring that their insurance will pay for the bills is not. Doctors & insurance providers control access to services & tools of patients. It’s a major challenge for healthcare marketers to design campaigns appealing to consumers & industry gatekeepers as well.

  • Underutilized evaluation metrics

    Measurement is top-of-mind for most marketers, but the healthcare industry hasn’t been utilizing it to the best. Many organizations have adopted several marketing, growth & brand-related metrics. Even in this era of DATA, healthcare is not driven by it, making it more difficult for healthcare marketers to “connect the dots”


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