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Best PPC company in India
Best PPC company in India
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Top pay per click advertising company in India
Top pay per click advertising company in India
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Paid Advertising Process

Paid Media Solutions

We are a LinkedIn Marketing Agency in India as well as a Pay Per Click-PPC advertising company to provide consistent web presence, develop brand recognition & website traffic for a sustained flow of leads. Campaign strategies designed entirely to meet the client needs. Meticulous research, exceptionally creative thought process. We offer best PPC Marketing services in India, so trust our proven track record to maximize your online visibility & set your business apart & ahead from the competition.

200% Most of our Paid campaigns doubled their traffic with us.

Get 2X higher online engagement & drive better leads


mobile-apps PPC advertising company

Mobile app Ads

In a highly competitive app market, app promotions are very pivotal. We develop strategies to increase the number of downloads for the apps.

social-media Facebook advertising

Social Media Ads

A facebook marketing agency creating ROI driven strategies, build, monitor & optimize creative social campaigns across all the major social networks.


Video / YouTube Ads

Video ads deliver richer brand experiences. It pays when someone engages with it. Ads appear as banner ads, in-video overlay ads, in-stream video ads – before, during & after the video.


Banner Ads

Acts as a simple image or a visual, upon clicking takes to the website or landing page of the ad. Increases brand awareness, acts as a lead generator, helps us to retarget your audience.

native-ad PPC advertising company

Native Advertising

Blend seamlessly with the content environment, deliver better user engagement, drive more clicks & higher revenue. We offer multiple implementations – matched content, in-feed, in-article ads.

inbox-ad PPC advertising company

Inbox Ads

Interactive ad format appearing at the top of the social & promotions tabs in Gmail. Upon clicking, creates potential conversion. We can also target people with high purchase intent.

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