Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising

Cinema advertising is one of the most interesting, new-age advertising options. There is no better place than the cinema to grab the attention of a captive audience. While major players, including Levi’s, Nike and Sony, are taking their campaigns to the silver screen, small businesses can also benefit from reaching this affluent and captive audience of moviegoers.

Reach a captive audience

  • The chances of a viewer paying attention to an ad on a cinema screen are higher than any other medium.
  • The cost per reach for theatre advertising is less than other non-traditional advertising options.
  • With its huge localized reach pan-India, cinema is suitable for reaching out to not just a small region, but also to an entire country.
  • A huge cinema screen gives a larger-than-life impact to the message.
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With our presence across top cities, MPlan provides the best cinema advertising in India. Get the best rates to place your ad in any theatre across India. For onscreen theatre advertising, the card rates quoted are always for a week’s duration. But, your ad is played with every show. For off-screen cinema advertising, the advertising price listed is typically for a month. Find out more by contacting our experts.

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