Cinema advertising has the lowest advert avoidance rate of all mediums. Impact of advertising in Cinema environment has 8 times greater impact on the audience than television suggestive of its mammoth power and effectiveness. More than 10 movies get released each week on various genres, which gives brands a broad & varied spectrum of an audience to target. The reach that cinema advertising provides is extremely wide & diverse.

Cinema Whitepaper August 2019

Comprehensive cinema plans, Blockbuster movie deals, Acute Audience targeting

Mplan offers extensive audience targeting options with national, local and hyper-local focal points. Also, offers TG division on the basis of audience class such as Kids, Teenagers, Adults, 40+ and also pivotal target group profiling – Defining the audience type by the genre of the movie & audience type. Cinema attracts a high proportion of young, affluent & educated consumers who are early adopters.

Mplan is a proven way to increase sales. 100% guaranteed ROI increase with our Cinema Expertise.

10,000+ screens in India, Personalized Media Mix.

Mall type analysis, 70MM IMAX Screens, Silver Screens.
Highest ROI. Experts in Cinema. Best-in-class Cinema Plans.

End-to-end solutions for Cinema advertising.

Increase reach & impact with cinema

Add-on Services

At Mplan, we are always passionate about helping clients MORE to accelerate brand growth.

J2K Conversion

J2K is the preferred format for ads in theatres. We deliver J2K format conversion services for ads in cinemas at competitive prices & faster delivery.


Censor Board Certification

Censor board certificate is mandatory for ads in cinemas. We provide censor board certificates for your ads to be published. Assurance of swift certification process.


Ad Production

Help you produce full ads, voice-overs, editing, creatives for ads in cinemas, to help you capture minds of the captive audience, increasing the chances of sales.

Large inventory of over 10,000+ Multiplex & Single screen chains








On-Screen Slides

Bookings for on-screen slides in major multiplexes & single-screen cinemas in India.


On-Screen Ad Films

Bringing brands to spotlight by putting up on-screen ads, highlighting through larger than life visuals.


In-lobby Signage

Hoardings, posters, kiosk branding, washroom branding, window clings, floor graphics, lobby screens.



Ads directly in the hands of targeted customers using flyers, coupons & mini-applications.


Seat Branding

Ads placed behind seats of customers, giving visibility to the brand, increasing the chances of sales.


Box-office Branding

Ticket Jacket Ads, Display ads, Posters etc reaching directly to the hands of the movie-goers.

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