Airport Advertising

Your chance to Connect, Evoke and Influence the high flyers

  • Reach out to local, national and international audience at one go
  • Enjoy maximum customer engagement and brand recall
  • Plenty of unique ways to deliver your brand message
airport advertisement

Airport advertising offers unique opportunities to target premium passengers who frequently travel by air. Not only does it support hyperlocal marketing, it also lays the ground for national and even international marketing, all at one go. With the variety of options available, airport advertising makes it possible to deliver brand messages in a number of innovative ways, so as to create the perfect brand impact. We, at Mplan, can advise you on the right method to adopt based on your business needs and your target audience. Our focus would always be on maximizing your returns and helping you achieve your objectives.

How we can help you

  • Our tie-ups with important airports of India can help you reach out to the exact audience whom you want to target based on their demographics.
  • We offer amazing branding options through which you can impress and influence high flyers, who may include policy makers, top executives, NRIs, foreign tourists and those who come from affluent families.
  • Our out-of-the-box solutions customized to your needs can help you achieve your business objectives in the fastest and the most cost-effective way.
  • Through our expertise and experience in the field of airport advertising we can help you choose strategic points to display your banners and hoardings to engage your audience and achieve maximum brand recall.
  • We can help you come up with the most successful advertising programs that will not only help you to reach out to the right people but also deliver your message and create the right impact.

Our Approach

It is our customer-centric approach that makes it worthwhile to put your money in Mplan. We refuse to rest until we make sure you have achieved your objectives, whatever be your timeframes or budgetary constraints. As an end-to-end service, we provide maximum options to deliver your brand message.



We help you connect with your audience at every phase of their journey by placing your billboards at strategic locations. Based on our experience we suggest highly prominent positions that can capture the attention of not just inbound but also the outbound travelers.

baggage area

Branding in Baggage Area

We can help you place frame banners and suspended fabric banners in the baggage claim area to attract the attention of your target audience. Being an area that receives a lot of traffic throughout the day, baggage claim area gives you a captive audience with time on hand.


Hoardings in Check-in Area

The Check-in Area is where people spend most of their time in the airport. Putting up hoardings, standees or digital signage in strategic points of the check-in-area can help you capture the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged for a long time.

conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt Branding

The conveyor belt is something that gets all the attention when your target audience is in the baggage claim area. By putting up your banner across the conveyor belt you can make sure all eyes are on your banner and for long. This is a great way to achieve maximum brand recall.

trolly add

Trolley Advertising

The luggage trolleys offer 360 degree advertising options to create brand impact. There are high chances that your target audience may not take away their eyes from your ad as long as their baggage is in the trolley. This gives you longer time to keep your audience engaged.


Brochure distribution & Product Sampling

You can increase your chances of conversions by distributing your brochures or product samples to your target audience at the airport. Since they would have a lot of time on their hand, there are chances that they will read through your brochure or try out your sample in detail.

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