Airport Advertising

Airport Advertising

Airport advertising in India is a recent phenomenon. Airports have a lot of unique and interesting advertising options and ideas. Some of the popular ones are billboards, branding in the baggage area, hoardings in the check-in area, conveyor bill branding, trolley advertising and more.

Airport lounges’ advertising options are unique in nature and very effective for premium brands. Media options in Airport lounges vary from placing banners, product sampling to innovative media options.

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  • 73% of Frequent Flyers take the time to read airport advertising messages.
  • About 90% of the travelers arrive one hour prior to the airport.
  • Regardless of trip purpose, over 80% of all passengers spend up to 30 minutes in each: ticketing, security and baggage claim
  • As they travel through the airport, about 3 out of 4 frequent flyers will read your message.
  • Over two-third of the Frequent Flyers can be reached with a one month campaign.

“Based on our experience working with clients, we at MPlan can help you develop unique advertising ideas for Airports. We help companies present multiple, coordinated ad images travelers see as they walk through major airports and sit on planes.”

Benefits Of Airport Advertising:

  • Focused and relevant traffic volumes.
  • A well-educated and traveled audience that is more likely to be early adopters.
  • Reach audiences with a high propensity for shopping, technology and leisure activities.
  • Create brand dominance throughout the consumer journey, or within strategic locations.
  • High impact messages with superior visibility capturing the attention of passengers throughout their airport experience.
  • Airport advertising not only affords many opportunities to target the right audience, but also provides a number of creative ways to do it.
  • Some of the types available: Backlit, Scrolling, Rotating Cube, Plasma Screen, Soffit/Overhead Spectacular, Specialty Display, Wall Wrap, Product Display Case, Closed Circuit Television, and many more.

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1. How do I get the reach of an airline or an airport?

Reach for an airline is defined by the number of passengers for that airline. DGCA, a government body publishes monthly the number of passengers for each airline. We share that data with our users.
Airport reach is also defined by the number of passengers.

2. What is a typical lead time in airline or airport execution?

Any idea implementation in airlines or airports outside of magazines takes more time than standard medium due to security clearance and legality involved. All material used for airline branding has to be approved by the safety authorities and hence take time.