Airline Advertising

Innovative and Experimental Ways to Deliver your Message

  • Reach out to a receptive and captive audience
  • Enjoy the highest rates of brand recalls
  • Choose from a variety of innovative advertising options
airline advertisement

One advantage that airline advertising has, over all other forms of advertising, is a captive audience. There is no question of walking away from the plane or getting distracted by other things. Being stuck or boring at one place, the travelers would be ready to receive any kind of information you might give them. You can target regional, national as well as international audience in one go. You can choose from a variety of options to convey your messages. With a media buying expert like Mplan with you, you can be sure of creating the right impact, every time you run an ad.

How we can help you

  • We have tied up with some of the most popular airlines of India, to open up more branding and marketing opportunities for our clients.
  • We help you choose the right airlines based on the demographics of your target audience.
  • We can develop out-of-the-box solutions to help you achieve your airline advertising objectives, based on your business and your target audience.
  • We can get you premium placements to create maximum impact and improve your brand recall.
  • By offering various innovative advertising options we make it possible for you to use the entire airplane as your advertising vehicle.

Our Approach

We believe in customizing our approach based on your goals and objectives. We keep in mind your time frames and budgetary constraints while devising the right airline advertising strategy for your business. By offering different kinds of options, we focus on maximizing your returns.

inflight magazines advertisement

Inflight Magazines

We help you target opinion-leaders and decision-makers of many organizations in India through inflight magazine advertising. Through our tie-ups with the popular airlines of India, we provide amazing opportunities to advertise in some of the top in-flight magazines.

seat back boarding

Seat Back Branding

Being up-close and visible to all passengers sitting in the row, seat-back branding ensures high impact advertising with maximum brand recall. We offer different seat back branding options such as head rest covers and meal tray graphics that give maximum visibility to your brand name and logo.

boarding pass

Luggage Tag & Boarding Pass Branding

Printing out your brand details behind boarding passes and baggage tags are cost-effective ways of getting as close as possible to your target audience. With most people carrying their boarding passes and luggage tags home, there is a high probability that they would be interacting with your brand in future.

overhead bins

Overhead Bins & Skyline Panels

These options offer 360-degree vision of your brand throughout the flight, giving you high visibility and brand recall. With large format media to brand upon, you can think of numerous options such as creating a storyboard and promoting multiple features, to attract and engage your target audience.

meal tray branding

Beverage Cup & Meal Tray Branding

Beverage cups provide a unique platform for innovative advertising by offering 360-degree branding experience. Other ways to capture audience attention include advertising on the interior of meal trays and placing credit-card shaped meal tray cards on meal trays before handing them over to the passengers.

Brochure distribution marketing

Brochure distribution & Product Sampling

One way to achieve amazing brand recall and improve the goodwill of your brand is to give out free samples of your products to the passengers and increase conversions. You can place your brochures in the seat backs, where passengers are most likely to pick them up and go through them in detail.

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