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  • Bringing code, content and context together.
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  • Maximizing online potential, fetching ideal customers.
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Our SEO Process


SEO Audit

SEO algorithms get updated often making it more complicated task for companies to stay up to date with the changes. We comprehensively look at your site, find issues, address the code, site structure, content & backlinks.


Technical Optimisation

In the process of website checks or new site construction, we bake in technical SEO into every step of the site’s journey. From wireframes to design, link redirecting to miscellaneous optimisations, we cover them all.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any good SEO campaign. It gives us info about the specific terms users are searching, the volume of searches etc. Helps us understand the users’ search intentions.


Organic Marketing

With holistic approach for brand visibility. Online reviews, sites where you are mentioned, natural attention, converting interested & motivated people into customers. Utilizing UX principles to convert organic traffic into purchases.


Measurement & Reporting

For brands to get metrics to closely monitor site performance. Regular reporting on parameters achieved. Finite data filtering, detect even the slightest of changes in user behavior on the site, helps us improvise the campaigns.

Ready for a better SEO strategy?

Our SEO Solutions

We help you increase the ranking of your site with cutting edge techniques. Experts with years of experience in understanding SEO. Advanced analysis, reporting for continuous result improvement. Offer the best packages & pricing. Experts in converting the weakest features into the biggest strengths to ensure online visibility. We always love being an SEO partner who helps to achieve exceptional results together.

Our SEO Services works as digital MAGIC!


With fully customized SEO strategies, catered to the client’s exact needs


Serving businesses big/small, all-round holistic approach, ROI driven campaigns.


Using every dimension for effective competitor


Transparent & customized reporting, track performance by analytics.



On page & off page SEO

Perfecting metadata, optimize on-site media, code, user-friendly content for search engines. Off-page – backlinks, article submission, blog posting, commenting, directory submission, content syndication, forum posting, review posting, business listing.


Local & International SEO

Increased local exposure, listing, IP addresses for location, local market knowledge, keyword strategy. International: targeting specific country/region, international-friendly URL structure, use of language tags.


Social Network Monitoring

Cover multiple social networks, real-time performance monitoring, weekly reports, monitor specific search terms, customized dashboard, analysis: demographics, psychographics, managing teams & tools, peak engagement discovery.


App store optimisation

Improvise title, keywords, app description, promotional text, keywords, icons, screenshots, preview image & video, app size & more factors for easier app discovery. Use of KPI’s like – downloads, engagement, impressions, shares.


Video SEO optimisation

Choosing the right platform, better keywords for identification, better titles, description, meta tags, engaging links, improvise overall video experience – thumbnails, end-screens, cards, optimize rest of the page for video, inserting video transcript.


E-commerce SEO

For improved visibility using product & category based keyword research, use of advanced keyword research tools, technical SEO, link building, e-commerce website structure & architecture, e-com content optimisation & marketing.


Natural language processing

Understanding audience needs, syntax & sentiment analysis behind search queries, content categorization, connecting answers to all probable questions, simpler sentences for better crawling. Tools: Google natural language text analysis, Making content better found online.


New Age Optimisation

Use of AI, ML & deep learning, collect valuable data, customer insights, hyper-personalization, dynamic content, special landing pages, user search & purchase pattern identification, use publicly available voice search statistics, find insights, estimating customer purchase intent.

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Add-on Services

Mplan is always passionate about helping cleints MORE to accelerate brand growth


SEO Auditing

Audit to identify technical issues & warnings, actionable solutions, backlink audit, bad & toxic backlinks check, technical audit, keyword auditing.


Content Development

Create compelling content to get better site read & retention period. Easily accessible, understandable, aggregated content, customized presentations.


Reputation Management

Challenge unwanted content, monitor online brand presence, tremendous techniques to create a positive brand image.

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