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  • Get the reach and frequency of your radio advertising plan evaluated
  • Select the right stations and time-slots to reach your audience
  • Increase your ROI by mapping your listenership
radio advertising

With the reach of FM spreading out to more than 91 cities across India, the kind of audience you can reach through radio advertising is huge. You can set your goals based on your target audience and achieve them by selecting the right stations and time-slots to play your ads. Through accurate RAM insights, you can evaluate not only the right reach and frequency of your plan but also the returns on your investments on radio advertising. For reaching your radio advertising goals in the easiest way you can rely totally on the expertise and experience of Mplan Media.

How we can help you

  • We help you select the right station networks by mapping your priority markets and station footprints.
  • By using RAM data and NRS or ILT reports we help you set your reach goals in order to reach out to a larger audience.
  • To enable you to achieve your reach goals, we come up with individualized tactful radio strategies that will boost your company’s recognition as well as profitability.
  • Through detailed reporting and data-driven recommendations we ensure the best performance of your radio advertising campaigns.
  • We use our knowledge of stations and make sure you make optimum use of them in your campaigns.

Our Approach

Our solutions are aimed at optimizing the impact of your messages on your customers. Based on the listening habits of your target audience we help you select the right advertising time band on FM radio. To ensure maximum ROI we offer different options that can maintain continuity of your campaigns.


Jingle Advertising

We make sure your catchy jingles are played again and again to create memorable impressions in the minds of your listeners. Apart from the ideal music genre that can appeal to your target audience, we help you identify the correct jingle-length and the right time slots to play your jingles.

contest media

RJ Mention & Radio Contest

Based on your product or service we come up with innovative ways that the RJ can use while talking about your brand. We also enable you to run interesting radio contests that can get best responses from your target audience. We promote your contests to expand the kind of audiences you can reach.

sponser add

Sponsorship tag

Depending on your target audience’s personal interests, we help you sponsor various programs on radio and take maximum advantage of its listenership. By enabling you to choose a program that is in line with your brand message, we make sure your message is conveyed efficiently, to a highly engaged audience.

studio shift

Studio Shift

To help you drive traffic to your store or to any of the events you may be hosting, we suggest studio shift wherein the RJ broadcasts the show out of a location that you decide. Through our exclusive business relationships with various stations, we make it possible for you to enjoy the best rates available.

time check

Time Check

At regular intervals, you can remind your target audience about your brand by sponsoring time check. Being one of the easiest types of Radio advertising, Time Check enables you to build a strong image of your brand. It is an ideal option for long-term advertising that helps you build trustworthy relationships.

road block

Road Block

This option helps you cut down the clutter of advertising by dedicating a certain period of the day only for playing your ads. While enabling you to enjoy a competitive advantage this option brings the focus of your listeners exclusively to your brand. We help you choose the right time for this.

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