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What happens if you don’t?

Creative advertising agency, Mplan has found out that, A world-famous burger joint lost $5 Million dollars in advertising spend due to an unthought-of 30-second sequence on television, which was a costly risk that left viewers unimpressed and confused.

Another superb example of an utter lack of thought process & innovation is when a famous security systems brand was so confident in the company’s ability to protect sensitive information that it publicized its services with a brazen television advertisement, leading to all criminals using it against them.

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Creative consulting?

Mplan is a digital creative agency which offers benefits to businesses by partnering with them in their brand-building journey. A creative advertising agency armed with research-backed pinpointed insights, robust & innovative strategies making your ads stand out & drive the audience mind recall. Help brands to grow & get known to customers & help them always remember you. A creative consulting agency collaborating with leading animation, 3D rendering, scriptwriters, VFX, video producers, creative talents & artists providing services including copywriting, TV ad production, TVC’s, radio jingles creation.

Why Mplan Media?

A creative consulting agency which builds a premium brand image. Creative consulting across all parameters – Graphics, branding, audiovisual, conceptualisation & visualisation.

Discovery & Insights


A branding agency which learns about the brand, discover, explore, immerse & gather in-depth insights needed to make further decisions.

Explore & collab


Exploration phase where we create tangible real-world solutions, a collab with experts in the respective fields.

Bridging the gap b/w advertising solutions & creative consulting

Across various verticals


TV, Radio, Cinema, Print, Digital. We are a digital creative agency which serves businesses in creative consulting for tv ads, radio ads, on print and innovative solutions on digital media.

Quality with speed


We are a branding agency which offers quality outputs with faster turn around times for creative requirements of brands, to offer better & quicker marketing results.

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