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To set you apart from the competition. Get people talking with Mplan’s travel & tourism advertising expertise. Perfect tourism marketing strategies designed to create stories that will engage, connect & motivate your audience. With a knack for finding uncharted territories & blazing new trails, we solve the biggest problems in the tourism marketing space. We strive to connect more closely destinations, providers, tourist experiences, cultures, departments etc.

Challenges of Travel & Tourism

  • Availability of too many choices

    With too many options available about destinations, hotels, resorts, listing, sites etc often brands can miss out on leveraging the most popular opportunities & target on less famous ones. Eg: A major resort firm, which had an excellent offline name, failed to impress online as it ignored listing on Airbnb & Trivago

  • Review & reputation management

    Probably the biggest challenge is reputation management to drive more sales for travel & tourism, which is directly proportional to the service offered by the place.

  • Lack of digital presence

    As of 2019, more than 80% of the travel bookings start with looking up for the place online. Majority of hotel firms, do not focus a portion of marketing efforts to strengthen their online presence with exciting strategical content development

  • Wrong marketing partner, Lack of innovation

    No innovation, no sales, funda for travel brands or brands connected to travel & tourism is simple. Eg: An online hotel booking startup used its head of marketing & not celebrities to create an eminently unique ad which got them a 300% increase in visitors and a 120% increase in sales.

  • Catering to Niche Groups

    We work with Hotels, resorts, vacation destinations etc which cater to niche groups need to channelize themselves to the market accordingly to get their name heard.


Looking for media planning for your tourism business?

Solutions for tourism marketing challenges

Offering unparalleled expertise in travel & tourism marketing. Takes brand turn-overs to the next level through all-round solutions such as – advertising, branding, social media strategies. Backed by insightful research, holistic strategies with a promise maximize your investments & amplify your message

We offer clients a full-suite travel and tourism advertising solution, direct branding, online presence, media planning, strategy. We focus on offline & online media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn to find marketing prospects and advertising horizons in Tourism digital marketing.

Advance intelligence in tourism & travel with data & insights


Offering full-service advertising solutions: Both on traditional & digital media.


With destination marketing, serving restaurants, hotels, resorts, cafes, spas & government departments.


Knowing the right audience, strengthening strategies by combining techniques.


Helping brands create a unique selling proposition & enhancing guest journey experiences.

Digital marketing for travel & tourism businesses

Content may be the king in the digital world, but online reputation is the queen in Tourism digital marketing. We build a kingdom in travel & tourism on digital media. Configuring Targeting & Re-Targeting online, help brands in increasing occupancy rates & raising the look-to-book ratio. Improvising search landing experience, enhancing online reputation, rating & listings. Guest satisfaction, imbibing cultures into every possible campaign to get a positive impact on user’s perception & brand sentiment

An unparalleled combination of strategy, experience & personalized service in travel & tourism.


Tailor-Made Strategies

Bespoke marketing strategies designed to meet your company’s needs – no one-size-fits-all solutions


Dynamic & Flexible

Tourism is ever-changing, seasonal. We offer you the power to choose where your marketing budget goes each month


Data-Driven Marketing

Our experts use up-to-date data & tools to ensure you are targeting the best possible audience to turn lookers into bookers.

Why Us?

Mplan empowers the Travel & Tourism industry by tackling complex business challenges and delivering effective marketing solutions.

A dedicated team of media planning and analytics experts in the industry, helping businesses with media technologies to develop creative, efficient, transparent & sustainable advertising solutions. And when it comes to our relationships with clients, we are a people-first company.



Our clients are never in the dark. We offer full transparency & openness in our process, platforms, communication, rates & partnerships.



Our full-service media planning & advertising includes all media in-house, from Programmatic to Print, from TV to Twitter.


Data Driven

We are a technology first media planning agency with data-driven solutions for precision media planning & advertising for brands.



We’re a powerhouse team of media professionals who continuously push the boundaries of how technology and media intersect.

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