Media Planning Process

Media planning agency process: The fundamental purpose of a media plan is to determine the best way to convey a message to the target audience. Our Media planning sets a systematic process that synchronizes all contributing elements in order to achieve a specific goal. It can be broken down into 4 stages –

Media planning strategies

Media planning strategies with Market & competition analysis

Media planning strategies objectives

Establishment of objectives for Media planning and buying

strategy-development for Media planning and buying

Strategy development & implementation for media planning and buying India


Media buying agency with campaign evaluations, follow-up & improvements

Laser focussed media planning & buying strategies

Our Solutions

Our approach to media planning goes way beyond recommendations & deep into the rationale. Reasons for advising display advertising campaign over print media, why flights should coincide/avoid with a competitor’s messaging & why search engine marketing or social media advertising should be part of our client’s approach, all are calculated carefully. We create media plans based on our collaborative work with our client’s business, our research, and our experience.

Creative recommendation


An expert Media planning agency which recommends strategic ad placement locations, insertion timings, format & size to improve your reach, visibility, ROI both online and offline.

Value additions


Mplan’s media planning covers placement and promotional opportunities, beyond the formal media buying. Insights which help you disrupt traditional marketing.

Behaviour, risk investigation


Media buying agency which unpacks consumer behaviours, propose media channels to deliver impact. De-risk & extract maximum value from media spend.

Estimate Outcomes


Intelligent and informed approach to share impressions, costs and other relevant, realistic media metrics one expects from campaigns for Media planning and buying India.

No Bullshit! Real, Attainable Media strategy

Why do you need a Media Strategy?

Media strategy is a roadmap that helps establish parameters and ground rules which acts a stepping stone to future media buys. There are infinite ways to reach the brand objective, but the media strategy gives the most optimum way to reach them. Media strategy acts as a series of GOOD media compromises made to achieve the desired objectives within the finite budget. Mplan Media acts as an investment consultant and makes the right media planning strategies & advises clients in taking better media buying decisions.

According to media examiner survey, More than 60% of the business fails to make the necessary conversion online due to lack of a proper media strategy.

A brand failed to consider the TG of 35-50 for digital, LOST more than 30% of revenue from that sect of the audience for a campaign.

What Mplan does?

The media strategy for a regional B2C company may be different from the approach a nationwide B2B organization would need to follow. That’s why Mplan takes time to learn your business, understand what you want to achieve & ensure strategy to lead to your goals.

We provide a plan of action to help businesses reach their audience

Create measurable objectives & Improve the overall conversion rate

Media planning strategies to determine marketing budgets & analysing the results

Insight leads all of our work. To achieve maximum impact, we are a media buying agency which considers the 360-degree ecosystem, to deliver campaigns and deliverables that are engaging, relatable and shareable with relevant target audiences. In our media planning strategies we do Social listening, insight tools, data analysis & qualitative research develop into defined social and digital media plans, which inform the conceptual campaigns and ultimately provide post-campaign analysis and further insights. We embrace this cycle and excel at refining strategies to meet real-life feedback.

Target Group identification – WHO?

Market Prioritization – WHERE?

Media Weights – HOW MUCH?

Media Mix – WHAT?

Scheduling – WHEN?

Media planning strategies context

In order to create an effective media strategy, we do a thorough situation analysis of the context in order to get a bird’s eye view of the brand objective. A media planning agency which considers 3 main components and interactions i.e Consumer, Product, Media. Consumer and product interaction is basically product consumption or usage. The consumer and media interaction is media usage or the habits of the target audience. And finally, the product and media interaction is essentially a study of the category’s past usage of media. We take into account all these factors before creating a media strategy and get long term brand goals into immediately actionable chunks.


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