OTT Advertising in India: Paradise of Internet Advertising

OTT Advertising in India: Paradise of Internet Advertising

What is OTT?

Over the top (OTT) is a term used to refer to content providers that distribute streaming media as standalone products directly to viewers over the Internet, bypassing regulators, television platforms that act as a controller or distributor of content. It uses an App or software installed on user’s devices to stream audio, video, and other media content. Services that come under OTT are most typically related to entertainment and educative media. There’s no involvement of a multiple-system operator (MSO) in the control and distribution of original content, thus redefining the concept of TV.

OTT devices & Services

The online video ecosystem is highly fragmented in India. Some of the most popular OTT services are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Sony LIV, VOOT, Eros Now & others which offer a lot of exclusive entertainment content to its users. OTT devices include Smart TVs (Android TV, Samsung smart etc), Gaming devices (Xbox, PlayStation), smart set-top boxes (Chromecast, FireTv Stick, AppleTV), PCs, laptops, tablets & smartphones.

What is OTT Advertising?

It is much like advertising on television & other media, but Ads are placed on content streaming on digital media platforms/services. It offers the benefits of both worlds combining the power of digital advertising on premium online content along with the advertiser’s message that promotes their product/service serving them to establish their brand image. But not every Application or Software that come under over the top service have advertisements enabled in them.


Why choose OTT Advertising?

Audience Growth – India is one of the fastest growing countries using over the top services in the world. According to a KPMG study, it is expected to reach more than 100 Million subscribers by 2023. It has grown rapidly over the last couple of years in India and now it offers a humongous reach to a variety of audiences. It is expected to overtake traditional TV within a few years.

Reduced Data Rates – Due to the reduction in data costs in India, streaming videos on mobile has become cheaper than purchasing TV channel subscription & the television itself. Brands get high ground for their Ad visibility on this front since users use mobile phones more than Television and other media.

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Free to stream OTTs – Many services are available for free to its viewers. Such platforms work only on an advertising revenue model. Audience sign up on these apps by accepting advertisements on their content. Brands encash this opportunity to plug in ads on the specific service & obtain immense returns.

Cord Cutters – Most millennials enjoy the entertainment of their choice on their smartphones & laptops more than conventional TV. Today’s content buffs are cutting the cord of their Cable TV services in preference of uninterrupted video on demand services. Hence, this a monumental time for OTT ads as cable subscribers is dropping across the board.

Analytics – Most of them provide powerful Analytics tools to help advertisers & content creators as well. At a minimum, it includes impressions & views data. Some providers have more advanced analytics to track Ad performance in real-time giving ad managers an ability to optimize on the go. Thus helping them to create the most compelling environment for viewers to engage with both the content they are watching and Ads as well.

AI – With more powerful AI tools available for companies today, OTT apps and software use these AI and Machine learning capabilities to determine the next potential purchase by the user on the internet. So, Advertisers can actually place Ads which are in sync with the user’s future purchases.

Targeted Ads – Most of them provide targeted Ads & real-time tracking of advertisements. They have provision for utmost targeting based on account logged in to the app, age, gender, interested genre, browsing habits & based on several other parameters the Ads are placed in direct focus to the individual. For instance, A teenager using an app for educative purposes will not be shown vulgar Ads on the platform.


Who uses OTT?

The software service providers, FMCG companies, many smartphone OEMs, telecom industry, sports brands, Finance companies, automobile businesses, and more than 70% of startups use the over the top Advertising to get their product or service into the limelight. And as per reports, the number of brands using OTT for advertising is set to rise to unforeseen heights in a couple of years.


As per the Video Advertising Bureau, It is the most effective way of brand advertising on the Digital Media space. Time spent on the platform by users is up by 28% from last year, giving more extent for the advertisers to get attention by multiple ad placements. Since rates are based on CPM advertisers only pay for actual ad views/impressions. Hence, It is on the road to an incredible future which companies are ready to leverage.

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