Top strategies for Mall Advertising in India

Top strategies for Mall Advertising in India

Shopping malls receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis, especially on weekends. If you are thinking about advertising in shopping malls, it might be beneficial for your brand. There are many exclusive branding opportunities available in shopping malls. They offer excellent visibility while helping you open up new marketing avenues that can be really profitable. If you wish to advertise in shopping malls, it is important that you understand the strategies that you can adopt. We’ve highlighted a few strategies we think you can adopt:

Spot Marketing: Spot marketing can work well for you if you have a retail outlet in a shopping mall. You can think of innovative ways to advertise your products. A few standard ways include giving demonstrations of product usage, distributing product samples or leaflets, putting up posters or banners, and announcing offers on the PAS (Public address system).


Flash Mob Activities: Flash mob activities refer to activities performed by groups of people who seem to assemble suddenly, do their act for a brief time, and disperse. The aim is to capture the attention of the audience and drive traffic to the store. It could be the performance of a group song, a few dance steps, martial art moves or even a skit that can keep the audience engaged and entertained for a while.

Display Packages: Display packages work very well in shopping malls as they offer both space as well as the audience to increase visibility. Hiring a 10 feet or even 8 feet booth space would be enough to promote products in the form of full height displays, table top displays, retractable banner stands, portable podiums & portable literature stands.

Experiential Marketing: Experiential marketing campaigns can help you create close bonds with your target audience, in a fun and memorable way. They can prove very effective when it comes to generating positive responses about the brand. The success of experiential marketing, however, lies in targeting the right audience at the right time in the right way. You may have watched the Doc McStuffin show on Disney TV. In this show, a six-year-old girl heals toys

at her imaginary clinic. As a part of its experiential marketing campaign, Disney decided to recreate such clinics in its Toys ”R” Us stores. A 10-minute immersive experience was given to children, wherein they had to play doctor and diagnose what exactly was wrong with Big Ted. About 8000 children participated in the event and 75% of them rated their experience as ‘Excellent.’ There was an increase of 5.3% in the propensity to purchase merchandise from Toys ”R” Us Store.

Contests: Contests are very effective ways to develop brands. Full of user generated content, they are highly engaging, entertaining and interactive for the audience. Photo contests, text contests, pick your favorite contests, sweepstakes, and promotions groups with discount coupons are a few types of contests that can work well in shopping malls. You can also leverage social media to promote contests. Try out these strategies and let us know if it worked for you. If you have any more ideas share them with us by adding in your comments. We will be glad to hear from you.


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