How to plan a successful media buying strategy?

plan a successful media

Media buying is a mix of serious businesses. Matching the product, and the message with the right platform(s) expands your readership share. Achieving this result while optimizing costs is the challenge every ad network agency has to tackle.

Although any good campaign solution must appear seamless in the end, bridging these nodes takes many steps that a professional operation refines for its clients

  • Strategizing – Conceiving the right strategy to optimize your reach requires not only an understanding of the potential of different types of media but also the message. The choice of platforms then serves as the bridge to achieve the objectives of the campaign.
  • Research– Finding all the available options and knowledge regarding the best options in terms of reach and cost-effectiveness is crucial to optimizing the delivery of the message and a necessary preparation for the next step.
  • Negotiation – Inking the deal takes all the research and labour invested in the previous steps to procure the best portals for the message delivery from the spectrum of options available in the market.
  • Logistics– While having incisive creative material is the foundation of a good campaign garnering the technical know-how to distribute the same across platforms in terms of fine-tuning timing and location is critical to realizing the impact potential of the message and ROI.
  • Follow-up – Procuring proofs of postings and fine-tuning any inconsistencies or alterations across platforms takes building a relationship with the platform vendors. The final stretch in achieving the objectives needs fortitude and finesse.

The how and why of making these decisions comes down to the approach of an agency and its understanding of the industry. From end to end, media planning and buying is a fine-balance act. A professional house like, Brewing Beans, can streamline this process for you with a scientific foundation and a sound understanding of varied media platforms, optimizing your space to cost ratio; thereby ensuring your message gets a greater piece of the canvas for expression and engagement.

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