Indigo Airlines Advertising in India

Indigo Airlines Advertising in India

Indigo – Advertising on Indigo Airlines: IndiGo is One of the fastest-growing low-cost carriers in the world and India’s largest airline with 41% (~) market share of the airline industry in the country. Serving over 4 million passengers monthly indigo pivots on on-time performance and consistent low fares. Indigo has been termed as a ‘revenue machine on a turbocharger’ by Mark Martin, CEO of Martin Consulting & an Aviation expert.


Indigo Airline Advertising – Along with being the market leader and serving millions of passengers around the world, It also offers a wide range of advertising options for brands by providing a host of online & offline services. It gives businesses several unique ways to connect to their potential customers at various phases of a customer’s journey. It is evinced that brand campaigning with IndiGo will have an ardent effect.

Email Advertising – Brands get exclusive access to indigo’s regularly updated consumer database for their use of email-based marketing. Mails packed with custom messages, offers, promotions, schemes, coupons delivered directly to the customer’s inbox which facilitates a direct promotional opportunity to the brand.


Bus Grab Handles – Every day thousands of people use the grab handles inside indigo buses, making their proximity and position a sure way to get passenger’s attention. Irrespective of whether they are arriving or departing it’s a standout placement option.

Boarding Pass – Issued at the time of check-in, offering great value for money as communication can be targeted directly to the consumer. It has a high average shelf value of 7 days. Call for action can be communicated easily & ROI can be gauged.


Baggage Tag – Hand Baggage Tags are used by travellers to tie on to their carry-on baggage. It’s a highly effective medium for the brand as all carry bags, ladies bags, laptop bags etc carry it & aren’t removed till the next journey, thereby offering great brand visibility for a long time & also in places that the traveller visits till they remove it.

Domestic Inflight catalogue – Being Indigo’s only in-flight reading material a customer is engaged in browsing the shopping catalogue for an average of 25-30 mins, which is of approximately 60 pages.

Domestic Inflight catalogue

Product Sampling – Product sampling at 35,000 feet in a relaxed, clutter-free environment offers a unique experience. Every passenger on the aircraft receives a sample of the product, grabbing 100% attention. Great place for your product/service to be present.


Destination Guides – IndiGo offers a detailed inflight advertising cost destination guide with places to stay, see and eat at. With a steady stream of clicks, it’s the perfect place for hotels, entertainment areas & restaurant ads to get noticed. A sample page is shown in the image below, with a destination highlights. It lists your hotel as a top option under Stay, along with the banner at the bottom.

International Inflight catalogue – Inflight magazine advertising Indigo exclusive reading material for all International flights. With an inflight magazine advertising average flight time of 3.5 hours, every passenger is bound to browse the catalogue at least twice during the flight providing repetitive exposure to your products/services.


Beverage glasses & cups – Paper glass made of a thick cardboard type material used to serve beverages onboard offers great visibility to a material as the brand is visible not only to the user of the glass but to all other passengers in the adjoining seats as well providing an ideal opportunity to reach a highly receptive audience.

E-Tickets – Brand message appears both on-screen during the ticketing process as well as on the printed ticket, which takes care of both print and online advertising. E-ticket is retained by passengers until they undertake the actual travel or the last leg of their flight. Also used as a reference from time to time for the flight details by the travellers. Also, inflight advertising cost a great source of advertising of new products & promotions.


Tray Table – 70% of the passengers open their tray tables during the flight, guaranteeing a viewing time of 40 minutes – 5 hours, depending on the duration of the flight. Its large format airline-advertising-agency offers great brand visibility not just to the user but to the neighbouring passengers as well.

Newspaper Jacket – Target business passengers with the Business Standard publishing exclusively for IndiGo. Get sizeable space with a dedicated jacket. Inflight magazine advertising Ensures the reading passenger’s undivided attention and visibility to all neighbouring passengers as well.


Why Indigo Ads?

Indigo being the largest airlines in the nation with the highest number of passengers travelling with the carrier makes it the best medium of advertising agency. Indigo Airlines inflight advertising cost offers a diverse inventory of airline advertising agency options for brands to showcase their products/services, companies can target specific formats in sync to their requirements & focus on creating more impressive campaigns in distinct formats. With ever-expanding indigo’s list of locations it covers, the brand publicization drives the passengers to have a look at them thus making ads not to go unnoticed.

inflight advertising cost

Why Mplan Media?

An airline advertising agency which provides impeccable airline advertising solutions for Indigo airlines. We ensure to provide strong strategies to increase visibility, engage audiences to deliver experiences that attract, delight, and retain customers & drives your business forward for airline advertising India.

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