Challenges on Education

Defining the audience, Convertible Lead Generations – Dividing the section of student audience & precisely targeting to only those who matter your brand the most.

Geographic Barriers – Educational institutions while advertising themselves, need to consider the geographic limitation of the campaigns. For instance, A university located in north India, due to lack of proper knowledge, chooses to advertise in south India, lands up getting lesser conversion rates.

Slow Tech Adoption – Educational marketers & institutions generally underutilize digital resources. During the data gathering, they do not go for segmentation of available information. Lack of personalized communication. Having a higher quality social media presence with regular & updated content. Also, they might not understand the data of current students & trends in the field.

Limited budgets & Campaign Consistency – Educational institutes often have limited budgets for advertising & are challenged to justify their budgets by achieving more results with less money. Hence, they are not able to effectively plan, target and be more resourceful.

Tools to measure campaign effectiveness – Findings show that educational marketers fail to gauge campaign performance & overall advertising efforts due to lack of tools. Failure to use advanced software systems available that can be fully customized to match the various data, stats of an educational organization.

Increased Competition – Multiple institutes increasingly compete for the same pool of potential students in an effort to reach mandated enrollment each year. This creates a pool of confusion for students to choose the right ones, leaving the ones with inefficient marketing efforts at the shore.



We work with clarity & simplicity for the education industry’s biggest marketing challenges. With strategy, creativity, innovation, we partner with colleges & universities to find the heart of their stories & tell them in clear and in compelling ways. We are here to solve some of education’s most wicked problems.

We believe an educated planet is a better place for everyone.

Understanding student & parents persona. Informative Ad content, Thought-provoking innovative ideas
Having a higher quality social media presence. Regular, updated content & personalized campaign solutions
Precise Audience Targeting, targeting at the right time. Effective Ad Placements, strategic location & ideas.
Competitive Analysis, use of various metrics to gauge effectiveness. Leveraging influencer marketing to attract the millennial student audience
Increase student recruitment process by 2X

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