Mplan Media offers Uber cab branding

Uber offers all-round cab advertisement solution with several print-based Ad installations both inside & outside the car such as car door branding, car top branding, internal seat back branding & Ads in the form of pamphlets or brochures inside the car. Uber reaches out to a wide range of customers right from homemakers to business travellers, college students, & working professionals, where each rider spends around 40 to 45 mins in the car for each trip they book. Contact Mplan Media for best rates in uber cab advertising

Why Uber?

  • High presence in prime locations
  • 300,000+ weekly trips to the Airport
  • Visibility in IT Parks on a daily basis
  • Categories – Internal Branding & Car Wrapping
  • Uninterrupted Ads for maximum impact
  • Rider Impressions, Heat Maps, Geo Temporal Engagement

Get the BEST rates in Uber Cab Branding