Among all the advertising options, a newspaper advertisement is the one that provides the lowest cost per reach. It triggers a call to action very easily due to posters. 72% of readers go In-Store seeking what was featured in a print ad. 66% of people browse the brand/product after seeing the newspaper ads. Newspapers offer more flexibility than any other advertising medium for brands – exact size, location of the ad, section & page, design etc. Newspapers ads have real lasting power & people spend more time interacting with ads, deals & offers.

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Newspaper advertisement based on proper planning using readership, circulation & cost metrics is absolutely essential to make sure your newspaper ads fruitful. Insights from NRS, IRS & TAM Adex database is procured. Right print mix to achieve your objectives in the fastest way & the best newspaper advertising cost for a better ROI. Complete information about your competitors’ plans so as to help you fine-tune your newspaper advertising campaigns.

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Newspaper Advertisement analysis
Newspaper advertisement based on extensive competitor analysis, planning & research.
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One-stop newspaper advertising agency providing end-to-end assistance & complete media transparency.

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Newspaper advertising agency for highly Competitive newspaper advertising rates & offers on bulk deals

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Performance reporting & campaign optimization to make most of your newspaper advertising cost.

Best newspaper advertisement rates


Full Page Newspaper advertising rates

Full Page Ad

Covers the entire page of the newspaper and has no other content apart from the ad print. All full-page advertisements are 33 cm wide covering about 8 columns and 52 cm long at cheaper newspaper advertising rates.

Half Page Newspaper advertising rates

Half Page Ad

Covers 1/2 page of the newspaper, either vertical half or horizontal half portion. Around 16 cms. Also flip ads, where half of the newspaper page is printed on which the ad is placed while the rest has no content or any page at all.

Display Ads Newspaper advertising rates

Display Ads

Can appear on any page throughout the paper, unlike classified ads, which have their own section. Typically run from 1/8th of a page up to one full page. Also called Box ads as they occupy a square or rectangular space.

classified Newspaper advertising rates

Classified Ads

Can run classified ads i.e text-based or image-based. Text-based ads are less expensive, image-based ads cost more. Repeated publication of classified ads increases brand credibility, as customers relate consistency with stability.


Newspaper Jackets

Additional pages strapped on to the dailies. Made of hard paper, provides high visibility to the brand. The material should be innovative, unique & out-of-the-box, to create a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind space.

Insert Ads

Insert Ads

Full-page/postcard inserts included with the distribution of a newspaper issue. Stand alone & can be pulled out & kept on-hand by readers. Retailers often use insert flyers to deliver coupons sheets & promotional announcements aimed at drawing a crowd.

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