Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

Print media is still held as the most credible by consumers. Newsprint and magazines still carry much weight in communicating the message of products and brands. Apart from being trustworthy print media, enables word of mouth publicity from readers; especially if they are influencers, that benefits the spread of the message and its personalization factor greatly.

Newspapers advertising has the largest spend share of the total marketing budget. The popular formats to advertise in newspapers are display ads and classified ads. Advertising Rates for newspaper ads depends on the readership and page number. Front page ads attract premium over regular Newspaper advertising card rate.

  • Local businesses can advertise through Newspaper and reach out to a city population at best Newspaper advertising rate.
  • Newspaper Advertising provides one of the lowest cost per reach among all advertising options.
  • Newspaper advertising is used by large brands for long-term brand building at a low advertising cost and by small brands or SMEs for advertising their products locally at an effective low advertising rate.

We, at MPlan Media, provide the best and lowest advertising rate for Newspaper advertising to our clients. Through our tie up with the publication houses across India, we assure the best when placing an ad in Newspaper.To execute your Newspaper advertising campaign, you can contact us. Card Rate of Newspaper advertising and discounted cost depends on the following parameters:

  • Number of readers of the newspaper also referred to as Newspaper readership. More the number of readers higher the cost.
  • Page position – Front and rest of the initial pages of Newspaper have higher advertising rate than the inner pages
  • Volume – How big the ad is. Larger sizes attract better discounted rate.

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