Indigo Airline Advertisement Media Kit

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IndiGo is the World’s fastest-growing low-cost carrier & India’s largest airline with a 41% (~) market share of the airline industry in the country.

  • A fleet of 278 flights: A320, A320 NEO, ATR & A321 aircrafts
  • 71 destinations & over 1400+ daily flights carrying 5 mn people monthly
  • World’s best on-time performance airlines with 85.5% timely ratio
  • A host of online & offline advertising options for brands to connect with potential customers

Download our media kit to unlock a sky of opportunities in Indigo airline advertising today.

Possibilities – On-Board


Hot Beverage Glasses

Paper cups, made of a thick cardboard material for beverages on board. Offers great visibility to the brand ads & is visible to passengers in the adjoining seats.



E-tickets are retained by passengers till the last leg of their flight. A great source of advertising new products & promotion for brands & also engages customers online.


Newspaper Jacket

Target business passengers with the Business standard jackets. Get size-able space with dedicated jackets & visibility to all neighbouring passengers.


Water Cups

Paper-based water cups, offers great visibility to the user & adjacent seats. Gives an ideal opportunity to reach a highly receptive audience.


Tray Tables

Over 70% of passengers open their tray tables during the flight, offering a guaranteed viewing time of 40 mins to 5 hours. Has a larger format for visibility.


Inflight Sampling

Product sampling at 35,000 feet in a relaxed, clutter-free environment gives a unique experience. Each passenger receives product samples for 100% attention.


Destination Guides

Detailed destination guides of places to stay/see/eat. A perfect place for hotels, resorts & restaurants to get noticed, loyalty programs can be used here.


6E Exclusive Magazine

Only reading material on board, available on both domestic & international flights. Each passenger is bound to browse the catalogue at least twice.

Possibilities – On-Ground


Bus Grab Handles

1000+ people use grab handles each day. Place ads in proximity & position for passengers’ attention. On the way or going back, a standout placement option.



Direct access to IndiGo’s consumer database through mails. Customised messages with offers & schemes (hyperlinks to brand pages) offer a direct promotional opportunity.


Boarding Passes

Issued at the time of check-in. Great value for money as communication is direct with the client. It has a high retention value.

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