Why choose PVR

PVR operates 628 screens in 135 locations across 51 cities. It also recently launched Asia’s first Virtual Reality Lounge in Noida. In terms of what PVR has to offer to advertisers, the numbers speak for themselves! They are operational 365 days a year, with a total of 1.3 lakh seats and an approximate 80 million footfall every year. This is the kind of audience that most advertisers can only dream of achieving through other mediums.

What’s even better is that it’s a prime target audience. Most of the people watching films in PVR fit the demographic of ‘upper-middle-class’ which is the best target audience for most consumer products in the market. The average age of their patrons usually ranges from 18 to 55, which is the age group with the most purchasing power and propensity to spend.

PVR is a trusted choice among a variety of people young and old, from couples to families and office-goers to students.

Advertising Options

The first and foremost advertising option at PVR is on-screen ads. Your product will be advertised on the screen before and in the interim period between the movie. This ensures maximum visibility and, with enhanced sound and visuals, there’s no chance that the audience will miss out on your brand messaging.

There are numerous other options that PVR offers as well, including box-office and outdoors, washroom branding, main lobby, candy bar, and gold class branding. All the advertising options are at good pricing and offer you premium visibility in and around the theatre.

By advertising at PVR, your brand has the opportunity to present itself as a premium product, one that appeals to those of affluence and good class. It offers you the chance to achieve elite-level advertising which can easily make an impact on your customers.


Why Mplan Media

Mplan Media is one of India’s top full-service media planning & advertising agencies. The company works with the best minds in the advertising and marketing industry to come up with campaigns that exceed expectations and comfortably meet targets.

Mplan offers data-driven media planning. Before the campaign even starts, Mplan analyzes all key data points such as financial viability, footfall, locality, and mall type. This ensures that the campaigns are ROI driven, targeted at the right audience, and offer maximum value to our partners and your brand.

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