Billboard advertising has been and will continue to be a very effective channel in a company’s marketing arsenal. Seeing a billboard leaves an impression in people’s minds thus creating awareness about a product/ a particular brand. It is a bold & captivating way to advertise your product/services in the market. It is called a form of interruption marketing as it is put up in places where it cannot be avoided & hard to ignore. A billboard advertising agency like Mplan offers tremendous OOH advertising services for outdoor advertising to showcase your brand ads and attract maximum eyeballs

Explore Hoarding advertising possibilities.

Hoardings play a big role in the Marketing Mix

Hoarding advertisement can be considered as a major support medium alongside heavy mediums like TV, Radio or Print advertising and all other outdoor advertising. It keeps the product or service in front of the mind while they let other forms of media do the heavy lifting & you get full control over your ad space while getting to display your message 24/7 on the hoarding advertisement, 7 days a week.

flexibility Hoarding advertisement


multiple-ads Hoarding advertisement

A place for Multiple ads

attention-seekers Hoarding advertisement

More attention seeking

management OOH advertising

Easy to manage

frequency OOH advertising


eye-catcher OOH advertising

More Eye Catchy

Superior quality services, Client first approach, Out of the box innovative solutions, Maximum ROI in outdoor advertising.

We are specialists offering hoarding advertisement services to help you choose the right areas to advertise based on the demographics of your TG. Help you book strategically positioned ad spaces for OOH advertising that make it easier to capture the attention of your audience & deliver the brand message precisely. We help you achieve maximum ROI, whatever may be your budget on ad spend. We make it possible for you to reach the target groups to even those who have low exposure to OOH advertising. By suggesting perfect placements, we help you exercise that last window of influence on your consumers, just when they are ready to shop.


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A billboard advertising agency offering several possibilities of billboard advertisements for brands to display their brand ads at a larger space and scale for maximum impact. With comprehensive media planning we raise standards in media planning and buying space for outdoor advertising companies.