If Content Is King, Then Visual Content Is Emperor In 2017

visual content matters

Let us keep this post short because of the content, as many had predicted, 2017 is the year ‘visual’ has taken complete primacy in the digital age. Most of this probably has to do with most people now being able to access, create and share visual content content (videos, and pictures) due to internet speeds, and portable smart devices that perform different activities well.

Advertisers have to ensure that their content is informative; and better still if the content is useful in an actionable context. For this the content needs to be sharp and accessible. Info-graphics or images are the easiest way to achieve this.

All popular social media platforms have been focusing on visual content, with video getting special attention.

Finding the right platforms; where your consumers hangout and interact, but not having curated the right content for each particular ‘window’ is the easiest way to fall short of campaign objectives. Banner ads cannot be copy-pasted on twitter or Facebook, and vice versa.

  • Each portal needs its own visuals both in terms of content of the visual as well logistics. It is to reach this point of the conversation that brands need to rely on the knowledge of their agencies.
  • Also, it is important to engage and start conversation with your customers in order to not only know the the type of content to curate for them but also to make it contextual and relevant. It is better than suddenly appearing in their timeline or newsfeed as random videos or pictures.
  • Remember it is important to never compromise identity and larger narrative of your brand in the process.
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