Cinema advertising offers businesses a chance to cash on an attentive audience. Audiences visiting the theatres completely focus on what is running on the screen and there are no distractions to waiver their attention. Furthermore, businesses can utilise a cinema theatre’s high-quality audio and visual systems to leave an impression on their audiences. According to research, it has been divulged that cinema advertising delivers one of the highest return on investments.

Why is Inox a Step Ahead?

To begin with, Inox is one of the biggest multiplex chains in India with its pan Indian presence across the nation. Inox has 125 properties in 62 cities and 19 states with 500 screens and a seating capacity of 123,183 people.

The local and national sales team at Inox ensure proper execution and monitoring of the advertisements. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment provide businesses with an opportunity to leave an everlasting impression on the audience.

What sets Inox apart from other multiplexes is its support that enables you to keep an eye on the execution of your sales plan. Inox provides businesses with a URL where they can check the scheduling and placement of their ads using a unique user identity and password from the comforts of their office. Also, the multiplex provides a telecast certificate at the end of the activity.


According to a recent survey conducted by IMRB for Inox, 64% of the audience coming into watch movies at Inox enjoy watching advertisements inside cinema making them a receptive lot and a group of potential customers. The survey also suggests that 62% of the audience come in 11 minutes before the start of a movie giving the administration enough time to run advertisements. Other key facts suggest that most people visiting Inox earn enough to buy things promoted in the advertisements making the multiplex chain a great prospect for promoting sales and lead generation.

Why Mplan Media

Mplan Media is one of India’s top full-service media planning & advertising agencies. The company works with the best minds in the advertising and marketing industry to come up with campaigns that exceed expectations and comfortably meet targets.

Mplan offers data-driven media planning. Before the campaign even starts, Mplan analyzes all key data points such as financial viability, footfall, locality, and mall type. This ensures that the campaigns are ROI driven, targeted at the right audience, and offer maximum value to our partners and your brand.

Inox – Insignia

Insignia is Inox’s most premium offering to Indian moviegoers. With its advanced technology, comfortable leather reclining seats, gourmet food, and personalised services, Insignia offers 7-star movie viewing services to movie buffs in India making it the first of its kind in the Asian subcontinent.

Multitudinous Advertising Options at Inox

Inox broadly divides its advertising options into two categories and customers can opt for any option under the listed categories based on their choices and preferences:

On Screen
  • On-Screen advertisement using advanced audio and visual equipment.
  • Seat branding.
Off Screen
  • Product display.
  • Floor sticker branding.
  • Plasma boardings at Food and Bar counter.
  • Standee at the ticket counter.
  • Auditorium door branding.
  • Kiosks.
  • Washroom branding

How Cinema Advertising Trumps Other Forms of Media in ROI?

1. Attentive audience and decluttered media

Moviegoers spend to be at theatres and watch movies. Therefore, audiences pay full attention to whatever is being played onscreen with no distractions to take their attention away. Furthermore, only a few ads are played during movies providing businesses with a clutter-free platform to advertise.

2. Associating brands with movies help create brand awareness

Businesses can advertise around the movies that are being screened to create impactful messages and create brand awareness. Micromax was seen using the strategy back in 2014 when they appointed X-Men: Days of Future Past star Hugh Jackman as the brand ambassador of the chain to advertise their phones before the start and during the interval of the movie.

3. Local or regional audiences can be targeted

Local businesses can leverage the geographical location of multiplexes to promote their businesses in the region and generate leads and potential customers.

4. The positioning of theatres near the point of purchase

Most theatres are located in malls or shopping areas ensuring that the positioning of advertisements in close vicinity to the place of purchase.

5. Full sight promotion

Both onscreen and offscreen advertising utilise full sight and audio to promote and advertise products making promotion more impactful.

6. Mplan Media: India’s Premium Media Planning Organisation

Mplan Media is India’s first full media planning agency that specialises in planning advertising campaigns. MPlan designs research-based media campaigns to help businesses create brand awareness, increase revenue, and launch new ventures. The organisation uses a data-driven approach while designing a campaign to fulfil business goals and expectations. Their cinema advertisement campaign design involves a comprehensive footfall, economic, and location analysis. The company then provides an ROI-driven campaign tailored to the business requirements.

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