Potential of Inflight Magazine Advertising in India

Potential of Inflight Magazine Advertising in India

Inflight magazine advertising is surely gaining a lot of popularity over the recent years. The reason is obviously its high viewership. Your answers to the following questions should help you agree with this fact.

Which according to you is the most boring part of air travel? Isn’t it those 30-minute ascents and descent periods, when you switch off your electronic devices? So, what do you generally do during these 30 minutes? Pick up and browse through an in-flight magazine? Well, that’s what most would do.

The Power of Inflight Magazine Advertising

It is frequent flight travellers who generally read inflight magazines. These generally include business owners and decision-makers of big organizations. If you are looking for a way to reach these people directly, it is only possible through inflight magazine advertising. Inflight magazines give a much-needed break to flight travellers who need to kill time. The captive environment that an aeroplane cabin provides only enhances this. As a result, a lot of attention goes into reading inflight magazines. Every part of the magazine, including advertisements, gets the exposure that it deserves.

Inflight Magazine advertising offers an excellent opportunity to brand owners and media buyers to reach out to their target audience. Produced by quality publishers, these magazines support advertising campaigns successfully. Many high-end, prestigious brands have therefore started advertising in inflight magazines.


Advantages of Inflight Magazine Advertising

  1. Tangibility is one of the huge benefits of inflight magazines. The smell of the magazine and the feel of the quality paper used to give a genuine touch to the content published. The readers don’t mind holding the magazines for longer durations, as they are usually light-weight. This makes inflight magazine advertising more effective.
  2. There is also the convenience of reading that makes inflight magazine advertising worthwhile. The perfect layout of the print guides the readers to the most important parts of the magazine. Moreover, flight travel provides all the time that a reader needs to digest the information given. This makes it easier to convey your brand message perfectly.
  3. If you would have noticed, the shelf-life of inflight magazines is quite long. People won’t really mind browsing through them even after several months of publication. So your inflight magazine ad is sure to have an audience for a longer time.

The Take-Away

Inflight magazines have managed to carve an identity for themselves in spite of the world going digital. Thanks to their guaranteed reach and the positive response of their readers. This credibility is not going to decrease any time in the near future. With the number of airline carriers in India, increasing, brands can find unlimited opportunities to advertise in in-flight magazines. If you have only been focusing on TV and internet advertising, it is high time you tried your luck at inflight magazine advertising. Letting go of this option would mean missing out on a big-time opportunity to take your business towards a greater height of success. Now that you know inflight magazine advertising is sure to work, get ready to launch a campaign at the earliest.


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