Top 7 Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy in India

Top 7 Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy in India

Today digital marketing is more that setting up a good website and building a mailing list. The constantly developing new technology influences customer behaviour at an ever increasing rate and the goals keep on changing. So you need to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is well thought-out and before going through with your campaign there are some points that you should keep in mind to make the most out of your efforts and to get the best possible ROI.


Know Your Audience

Regardless of appearing to be generally basic, this is maybe the most important fundamental when setting out any digital marketing effort. The tone of your substance advertising or email impacts is vital; officials won’t consider content that is excessively playful and Millennials won’t read corporate guff. Your target audience should be at the heart of every decision you make in digital strategy.

Focus More On Quality

Everything from tweets to content marketing, posting less frequent, high-quality content is far more effective than spamming your audience. Your output should offer real value to the audience rather than identical content with clickbait headlines.


Think About Long Term Value

While it might be enticing to shoot for here and now wins, advertisers ought to consider long-term value when settling on vital choices. Before emptying assets into an irregular battle for a particular online networking stage, advertisers would be wise to perform due diligence and research to guarantee the venture will pay off in the long term.

  1. Exploring current trends:
  2. It is a fast-changing environment, to make sure your strategy is on track, follow the current industry trends. Standards & practices are prone to change from time to time.

    • Find influential blogs & follow them.
    • Participation in forums & discussions.
    • Discover helpful resources, guides & digital marketing courses.
    • Attend webinars on topics related to digital marketing.
  3. Analyse previous digital marketing activities:
  4. If you need to improve something, you need to figure out what you’re doing wrong in the first place. The best way to do so is by analyzing your business statistics & determining the current situation.

    • Previous period VS current plan: Using the previous period as a reference & compare it to the latest metrics.
    • Your plan: When testing a new strategy, you usually set up a comprehensive plan.
  5. Define Realistic Goals:
  6. If you’re unable to measure the results, or if those results are constantly far behind your goals, this means that there’s something wrong with your goals.

    • Be objective when determining what you want to achieve & how to do it.
    • Plan in a smart way: When you’re realistic about your strategy, you should be able to see the negative sides to it as well.
  7. Analyse the digital marketing channels:
  8. Next step is the analysis of the marketing channels you use. Each channel contributes to business success in a certain way.

    • Website: Analyze & improve your website performance.
    • Getting more visitors on the site & social media.
    • Creating a lead generation page.
    • Optimizing the website for mobile devices.
    • Creating engaging content across all platforms.
  9. Social media:
  10. In today’s era, people use at least 1 social network. Use social networks to present your business & interact with interested & probable leads.

    • Use a personalized approach.
    • Publish engaging content.
    • Use promoted posts or sponsored stories.
    • Collaborate with influencers.
    • Leverage the power of visual content
  11. Email Marketing:
  12. One of the most profitable parts of digital marketing is email marketing. It holds a special place in every business strategy.

    • Explore the current situation.
    • Segment the mailing list.
    • Refine your style.
    • Work on being personal & engaging.
    • Explore ways to improve email deliverability.
  13. Go for Paid Advertising:
  14. Paid advertising can make a huge difference in your strategy, especially if you haven’t been focusing on this tactic of reaching customers & promoting your brand.

    • Google AdWords: For search engine ads
    • Social media advertising: For social media platforms.

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