Target Group

TG Definition before a Media Plan

Target Group in advertising is an indispensable strategy that breaks a huge market into smaller segments to concentrate on a particular group of consumers within that audience. It describes a segment of customers based on their unique attributes and focuses on serving...

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Indigo Airlines Advertising

IndiGo is One of the fastest growing low-cost carriers in the world and India’s largest airline with 41% (~) market share of the airline industry in the country. Serving over 4 million passengers monthly indigo pivots on on-time performance and consistent low fares.

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uber ads

Uber Advertising – The Future of Advertising

The World’s largest ride sharing company – Uber, with it’s technological backbone it has been offering some immensely popular urban commuting services across the globe. With its unique idea Uber has created a disruption in city transportation since its inception.

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Ways To Improve It

Today digital marketing is more that setting up a good website and building a mailing list. The constantly developing new technology influences customer behaviour at an ever increasing rate and the

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