Facts About Cinema Advertising in India

Facts About Cinema Advertising in India

Cinema is an upcoming advertising medium. Here are some facts that show how cinema advertising has progressed over the years.

  1. The client mix for in-cinema advertising has seen a gradual change over the years, from a government focused medium – as much as 80 per cent of the advertising revenue was attributed to public sector advertising about three to four years ago – to a focus on local and corporate advertising – the latter alone occupying around 55 per cent of the portfolio.
  2. Currently cinema advertising is close to ₹525 crore market which is slated to grow further.
  3. The in-cinema advertising in India is currently approximately at 1% of the total ad-spends and it could grow at 20% to 25% per annum over the next five years.
  4. Currently, the ad duration for a single screen is about three to four minutes per film as against approximately 20 minutes for multiplexes, suggesting potential for ad volume growth in single screens.
  5. Cinema is expected to grow by 15% in 2020, taking the total Cinema advertising revenue to nearly ₹600 crores.

Generally, the deepest impression on our minds is made by the advertisements that accompany the films? While many of us will have to thrive to think about the first movie seen in a theatre, we will easily remember the ‘Mukesh anti-smoking’ ad that came before the movie. It has always been a very powerful medium for advertising.


The growth of in-cinema advertising is directly proportional to the growth of cinema in India, which is phenomenal in the last few years. Not only has the number of films produced annually grown but the new format of screening formats i.e. multiplexes has added to the opportunities for cinema advertising.

  • Huge cinema screens give a ‘larger than life’ impact on the message.
  • Captive audience, cannot switch channels/walkout during advertisements.
  • Guarantees a better attention span for the message to be communicated.
  • Huge localized reach across pan India. Reach out to small geography & entire country.

Cinema advertising is a good ecosystem, a platform for brands to communicate with audiences in the most impactful way. The best part of in-cinema advertising is the fact that it caters to a unique audience and allows us to advertise in select geographies with different propositions. What has given a huge boost to the growth of in-cinema advertising has been the increase in the number of multiplex screens across the country. There has also been growing recognition among the advertising and media buying community that in-cinema advertising offers a target audience which, by virtue of being captive, is more attentive when an advertisement is running.


Improved infrastructure and growing footfalls are other key reasons. Production houses are investing in innovative marketing and promotion activities prior to any release, thus creating a lot of anticipation for the film. All this helps bring in huge crowds to cinema halls now, which results in a larger audience for in-cinema advertising. In-cinema advertising is poised to grow further in the future with many brands increasing the amount they spend on in-cinema advertising given the impact and hype it generates.

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