How impactful is cinema advertising in India?

How impactful is cinema advertising in India?

Cinema is one of the major crowd attractions in India. For years this platform was untouched by the top marketing brands but now cinema chain owners are experiencing a drastic change. Cinema advertising is witnessing an average growth of 25 per cent year-on-year. It has grown approximately 12.5% with total revenue close to ₹600 crores in 2018. The industry has become organised now. The chains and digital networks now understand the needs and want of the advertisers.

The multiplex boom and high decibel marketing of movies are some of the obvious contributing factors for attracting newer categories of advertisers. Also, ours being a film-loving nation it makes cinema a potential advertising medium. From parking lots to silver screens, cinema chains are exploring the best possible branding options.

On-Screen Advertising

Static slides or digital commercials that appear before the movie are a cost-effective way of hitting a larger percentage of the targeted demographic. It is the best way to showcase your business and convey your message to a relaxed and focused audience. You can even change your message on a monthly basis to take advantage of seasonal specials, community events or targeted metrics. On-Screen Advertising can take a more narrative approach and also allow the creators to take plot risks that conventional television ad spots don’t allow. If done right, these ads can be visually appealing that the audience will remember for a longer time span.


Off-Screen Advertising

The interactive use of off-screen space can click as well. It offers a variety of options to choose from. Seats, lobby, box office, security check points, popcorn counters, arch gates, ticket jackets, standees, flyers and pamphlets, façade hoardings, interactive zones or poster boxes are some of the available off screen spaces. If displayed correctly, off screen advertisement can be surely impactful.


The Plus Point

There is definitely more traction for an ad if it is both on and off-screen. Besides the food counter and on-screen, sampling the product in the lobby as well as displaying on-screen, etc. can be some great combinations for on and off-screen advertising.


There are some challenges also like capturing the audience in single screen theatres especially in smaller markets. But international companies like Rentrak are trying to bridge the gap by investing in creating CAM (Cinema Audit and Monitoring) which tracks advertising across 200 most important screens in India. Working with other companies they hope to bring a new system of measurement which would take cinema advertising to the next level.

Why Mplan Media?

We are a one-stop cinema advertising agency offering extensive audience targeting options with national, local and hyper-local focal points. Also, offers TG division on the basis of audience class such as kids, teenagers, adults, 40+ & also pivotal target group profiling – Defining the audience type by the genre of the movie & audience type. A cinema advertising agency like Mplan solves all your advertising worries, as cinema attracts a large proportion of young, affluent, educated consumers.

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