Why brands prefer Airport Advertising in India

Why brands prefer Airport Advertising in India

Airport advertising india is the next big trend in advertising in India. Those bold static & digital displays deliver a strong message on behalf of the advertiser. It not only assists for brand promotion but also to spread awareness about an event, product or service launch of the brand & influencing purchase decisions. Airport Advertising in broad terms is one of the most popular revenue generating methods for brands. Advertisers are embarking on a new era for airport ad campaigning as air travel percentage has increased in India.

Why brands prefer Airport Advertising?

Massive Audience Reach – Airports are hives of activity. India is the world’s third-largest civil aviation market & the number of air passengers nearly increased to 135 million passengers in 2018. Last year, the government announced 100 new airports would be built in the next 10 years to meet the growing air travel demand. Hence, Brands have the greatest advantage as they are guaranteed of the captive audience. Airports are one of those magical places where the audience actively seeks out advertising & brand messages Eg: Bangalore Airport Advertising.


High stay time – On average, every passenger spends around 70-90 minutes in airports in the whole arrival departure process. A research report also confirms that active time to advertising exposure is 1 Hour and 79% of frequent flyers shopped for food/beverages, 67% dined at a restaurant, 51% shopped for travel accessories/technology based on advertisements at the airports.

It reaches decision makers – Reports suggest that over 40% of people have travelled three or more times in every six months for business purposes, of which 36% of people visited a website to find out more on products/services seen in an airport advertisement & 30% travellers downloaded an app related to advertising in airports. Responses to Airport ads are 20% higher than roadside or other OOH advertising. Not only does the airport environment provide an uninterrupted reach to travellers, but it is a prime location to engage with tech-savvy passengers & business decision makers. Eg: Bangalore Airport advertising.

Scope for Innovation – The state-of-the-art medium of communication from brands make it very easy for their ads to get noticed. For instance, Intel used airport ads to reach people who are attending the supercomputing convention by placing ads inviting the arriving passengers to visit Intel’s convention booth to get a briefing. Eg: Mumbai Airport Advertising.

Highly Cost Effective – Since airports work round-the-clock, brands can enjoy maximum exposure in a cost-effective manner. Eg: Mumbai Airport Advertising.

Why Brands prefer Airport Advertising in India

Different options – Airport advertising agency helps in ads in Airports which offers you to advertise to the brands in several different forms. Hoarding advertising, Luggage and trolley bags advertising, Conveyor belts advertising, Digital LED boards advertising, Glow Sign board advertising, large banner advertising for brands to choose from as per their requirements and budget. Airport advertising rates varies for different types of airport ads.


Why Mplan Media?

An airport advertising agency offering unparalleled network opportunities to reach a fast-growing & highly influential airport audience. Help brands in understanding the audience – Air traveller (1 or more trips/year), Frequent flyers (3 or more trips) & Business flyers (3 or more business trips), exploring audience perception, provide statistical insights, enhance airport advertising experience. Ideation, Innovation & Implementation have always been the driving force behind our campaigns which helps us in helping you get your brand message in front of 100 Million+ passengers every year.

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