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The funda of TRP’s and GRP’s in TV Advertising

Although the world has come a long way in going digital, Television advertising still plays a significant role when it comes to marketing products and services. However, unlike


Top Strategies for Advertising in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis, especially on weekends. If you are thinking about advertising in shopping malls, it might be beneficial for your brand.

Top advertiser India

Current Top 5 Advertisers In India

With such a huge and diverse population as that of India it is a challenging task for the brands to reach out and advertise on such a large scale. But with innovative techniques

media buying

Media Buying Plan in India – A DIY Guide

Media buying is not easy, especially in India. There are more than a lakh newspapers registered with the RNI (Registrar of Newspapers in India). The total number of TV channels

Political Season

How to Advertise During the Political Season, Effectively?

Even seasoned advertisers find it confusing to advertise during the political season. No matter what media you choose to buy, the political campaigns take up a large amount of

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IPL: An Amazing Advertising Platform

IPL (Indian Premier League) has been entertaining us for the past many years now and with such a huge cricket following what could be better than a platform like IPL to promote

mobile van advertisement

Mobile Van Advertising – Boost your Business in the Local Market

Every business needs attention in the local market. There are many ways to grab this attention; but none of them would probably compare to Mobile Van Advertising. Imagine a mobile

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy: Ways To Improve It

Today digital marketing is more that setting up a good website and building a mailing list. The constantly developing new technology influences customer behaviour at an ever

marketing channel

Marketing Channels: Which One To Choose And How

It sounds fancy, but marketing channels are simply the different ways you can communicate with customers, clients, donors, volunteers, etc. There are endless marketing channel

future tv

The Television Revolution and Staying on Top of the Changes

Brands will now have to interact with the people who possess this new data, the service providers, as well as with agencies that can leverage these new portals in our