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media buying

Media Buying Plan in India – A DIY Guide

Media buying is not easy, especially in India. There are more than a lakh newspapers registered with the RNI (Registrar of Newspapers in India). The total number of TV channels

Political Season

How to Advertise During the Political Season, Effectively?

Even seasoned advertisers find it confusing to advertise during the political season. No matter what media you choose to buy, the political campaigns take up a large amount of

IPL add

IPL: An Amazing Advertising Platform

IPL (Indian Premier League) has been entertaining us for the past many years now and with such a huge cricket following what could be better than a platform like IPL to promote

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy: Ways To Improve It

Today digital marketing is more that setting up a good website and building a mailing list. The constantly developing new technology influences customer behaviour at an ever

cinema advertsing img

On And Off-Screen: Here’s Why Cinema Advertising Makes An Impact

Cinema is one of the major crowd attractions in India. For years this platform was untouched by the top marketing brands but now cinema chain owners are experiencing a drastic

Television ads helping e-commerce

Television Advertising: Helping E-Commerce Brands To Reach Out

Opting for a more traditional marketing medium other than digital has proved to be an effective strategy for the e-commerce brands like Amazon,Flipkart, e-bay and many more. It

In flight advertisement

Give your Business a Boost with In-flight Advertising

Haven’t you ever flicked through one of those in-flight magazines while traveling? Haven’t you paid attention to what the flight crew has to say, however promotional their

airport advert

The Incredible Benefits of Airport Advertising

Airport ads capture the attention of three of every four business frequent fliers, who actually read them With businesses going global, income levels increasing and the government

small business

Television advertising for small business

With exciting opportunities opening up at a dizzying pace, television advertising remains one of the most powerful medium through which to engage and influence audiences.

Rating Television Audience

BARC Rating: Television Audience and Advertising Performance Measurements

India has over 1000 television channels in a variety of different languages. With the growth in the number of channels the task of both broadcasters and advertisers in retaining