Air Asia Airline Advertising Media Kit

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With 6000 daily flights & 1 million monthly footfall, Air Asia is one of the largest airline brands in India.

  • A fleet of 30 aircrafts, covering 12 destinations each day covering 160 daily departures
  • Over 60% of business & corporate travellers on a regular basis
  • Offers a host of advertising options for brands to place their ads

Download our media kit for Air Asia Airline Advertising Media Kit

    Possibilities – On-Board


    Meal Tray Branding

    Excellent ad placement option, each person is offered a meal on the meal tray & 90% accept it. Guaranteed visibility for the brand advertisements.


    Seatback Branding

    Ads behind the seat, every person in the behind row sees the ads. The inevitable ad option gives longer exposure to ads & higher recall.


    Overhead Luggage Bin

    Ads are placed on the luggage bin over the passenger’s head. Offers guaranteed visibility in take-off, during & landing times.


    Global Destination Explorer

    Global destinations magazine with info on places Air Asia serves. Immense ad opportunities with ads on different pages.


    Aircraft Exterior Branding

    Mega ad opportunity, cover the entire aircraft with your brand ads in vinyl. Supremely premium option with 100% visibility & available with advance booking.


    Inflight Sampling

    Distribution of brand product samples inside the aircraft for free as a marketing strategy with CTA to or purchase links online or offline store links.


    Inflight Announcement

    Announcing brand-related content during the flight, by air hostesses offering maximum listenership including offers & discounts or pamphlet sharing.


    Right-hand Partition

    Ads on the partition board of each seat. Always visible to both passengers. Improves call to action as it is viewed throughout the flight.


    Inflight Food & Beverages

    Food & beverage samples, given as a part of airline food (included in the ticket or separate purchase) of a specific product in collaboration with the airline.

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