Mplan Media offers Uber branding

Uber offers all-round car advertisement solution with several print-based Ad installations both inside & outside the car such as car door branding, car top branding, internal seat back branding & Ads in the form of pamphlets or brochures inside the car. Uber reaches out to a wide range of customers right from homemakers to business travellers, college students, & working professionals, where each rider spends around 40 to 45 mins in the car for each trip they book.

Why Uber?

  • High presence in prime locations
  • 300,000+ weekly trips to the Airport
  • Visibility in IT Parks on a daily basis
  • Categories – Internal Branding & Car Wrapping
  • Uninterrupted Ads for maximum impact
  • Rider Impressions, Heat Maps, Geo Temporal Engagement

Get the BEST rates in Uber Branding