Media Analysis

Media Analysis

Media Analysis offers clients clear and insightful evaluation of their global media coverage to understand their brand reputation and PR effectiveness. For the significant amounts that you have paid, you would want reassurance that your investment has been done competitively and whether any efficiency improvements are possible. Media campaign analysis may include:

  • A complete overview of placements by media, type, and timing.
  • Impressions, clicks, and other actions that digital media placements drive.
  • An evaluation of performance, audience insights, and options for improvement.

We aim at providing all internal constituents with consistent reporting against multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) covering the needs of Media, Marketing, Finance and Internal Audits. We will do the number crunching of the Media buys for any media inventory. This will involve 3rd party audits, Reports analysis, ROI analysis etc.

Traditional Media Buying

We tag print, TV, and radio ads with a strong call to action aligned with goals and KPIs.


Our process allows us to evaluate the performance of your buy and identify areas of improvement.

Digital Media Buying

We track metrics by placement and campaign

We at MPlan help our clients achieve the campaign’s objective goals. Our solutions help in benchmarking against a standard competition. We realise the importance of 3rd party audit and help our client optimise their efficiency and effectiveness in media buying.