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  • Target a specific niche audience and increase your conversions
  • Choose the right magazine based on subscriptions and circulations
  • Stand out from cluttered environments through innovations

It is the shelf-life of magazines that make it worthwhile to run your advertisements in them. With readers browsing through them for months after their publication there are high chances of your ad having an audience up to six months after its insertion. However, you may want to know a few details about the magazine such as its circulation, readership, frequency of publication and distribution method, before running your ad in it. This is where a Media buying expert like Mplan can help you. With our ROI based approach we make sure your magazine advertising campaigns are both successful and cost-effective.

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How we can help you

  • By looking through references such as SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service) directories we come up with a list of publications that match your advertising needs and budget.
  • Based on IRS reports and a thorough research on the businesses that are advertising in these magazines and the kind of results they have achieved through those ads, we suggest the right magazine to advertise in.
  • Through our tie-ups with publication houses across India, we make sure you get good rates and positions while placing your ads in the magazines.
  • We suggest the right advertising option, size and positioning based on the preferences of your target audience, your objectives and your budget constraints.
  • We help you maximize your reach and create the best brand impact by coming up with customized magazine advertising strategies and techniques.

Our Approach

Helping you achieve your goals is our main objective at MPlan. Therefore the approach that we follow will be totally aligned to your requirements. The focus however will always be on ensuring maximum returns on your investment. We consider various factors before making the right choice of magazines.


Target Audience

Based on the nature of your business, we identify your target market, segment it, select the target segment based on equity and attractiveness, select your target sub-segment and then determine your target audience. This will help us in choosing the right publications that match your advertising needs.

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Audience Receptivity

We consider the audience receptivity of the magazines we shortlist before making the decision. We believe in selecting a magazine, whose editorial environment lends good credibility and authority to your advertising campaign. This will help in creating a better brand image in the minds of your audience.

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Life Span

Magazines tend to have a longer life span as they are generally passed on to the friends, family members, customers and colleagues of the subscribers. Getting your ad placed in a magazine that has a longer life span might eliminate the need to publish frequently, thereby resulting in better returns on your spends.



Magazines that offer various formats of advertising such as inserts, multiple page ads, gatefolds, thick tabs and product samples make your advertising campaigns interesting and worthwhile. This is especially true if you are planning to advertise frequently in the magazine for a longer period of time.


Visual Quality

Magazines that use high quality paper make your advertisements stand out, thereby improving their appeal and impact. The kind of effect that these magazines would be able to render to your image ads and photo reproductions, would be much superior and lasting when compared to that of the others.


Sales Promotion

There are certain magazines that enable you to distribute various sales promotion options such as coupons, product samples and information cards. Advertising in these magazines can help you achieve a higher rate of conversions and a better ROI, while keeping your costs and expenses low.

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