Mall Activations

Mall Activations

Mall activation targets the right people at the right time. It is a medium for creating better brand affinity and providing the consumer with a unique experience. It’s also a proven and proficient BTL activity. Mall activations are eye catchy and engage a larger audience. A successful activation will allow the brand or the business to prosper and increase their profits.

  • Mall Activation can help to reinforce the brand’s positioning in the minds of the consumer.
  • Helps to cut through the traditional advertising clutter.
  • It can bring life into a brand and even reach younger Millennials audiences.

Strategies for implementing Mall Activation:

Mall activation can be implemented through various strategies such as

Experiential Events are usually used by global brands. Such events attract the consumers and engage them emotionally. They give consumers a chance to try the products and resolve the queries that they might have.

The idea is to:

  • Involve the consumers physically and mentally so that they connect with the brand.  leave the event with an remembering how the product tasted or felt rather than reading about it somewhere.
  • Provide the consumers with such an experience that they would leave the event remembering how the product tasted or felt rather than reading about it somewhere.

Promotional marketing involves raising awareness about the brand in order to increase the sales. It can be targeted at businesses or at the end consumer.
These events can be executed using reward loyalty programs, giveaways, special offers, product samplings as well as point of sale displays.

Holidays and Mall Activation

Festivals, holidays and weekends are the times when most of the working class gets time to visit malls. It is like a rush hour and a great opportunity for mall activations. During festivals, people shop a lot and are on a lookout for offers and events. Mall activations at this time can prove to be beneficial.


We at MPlan work with a PR/Event management company to provide our clients with the best possible campaigns for mall activations. We meticulously design our solutions as per the brand guidelines.

Mplan also provides the resources so that our clients can dive into deeper analysis like:

  • Location analysis
  • Average spend
  • Consumer analysis
  • Mall type
  • Historical campaign details

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