Network Ads

Network Ads

Network Ads are the ads that are displayed on the large Ad Networks which include Google AdSense, Media.Net, BuySellAds and Conversant. These Ad Networks as the real estate agents of the digital ad world.

  • Larger publishers often sell all their remnant (unsold) ad inventory through ad networks.
  • Smaller publishers might sell the majority, if not all, of their inventory through networks.
  • They forecast the amount of publisher inventory available for purchase by advertisers who then purchase based on these predictions.

Ad Networks help advertisers extend their audience reach by brokering higher volumes of Network ad across more publishers in a more targeted manner since publishers are well categorized by Networks.

There are various networks available for network Ads such as targeted networks, blind networks, and vertical networks.

Some ad networks categorize the sites in their network by the types of content they cover. Automotive, travel, beauty, fitness sites, for example, may be grouped into vertical channels and sold to advertisers that want to reach audiences interested in those topics. Some networks cater to specific verticals while others are open to nearly any type of site. Ad networks may instead sell audience segments built on behavioral, interest, demographic and other data from publishers and third-party data providers.

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