Native Ads

Native Ads

Native advertising is a form of advertising that integrates high-quality content into the organic experience of a given platform. Native ad units conform to the design and feel of the sites on which they display, preserving the immersive user experience while producing click-through rates like that of editorial content.

Forms of Native Advertising:

  • In-feed Native Advertising.
  • Content Recommendation Widgets.
  • Custom Content

We understand the effect of banner blindness on your campaign. That’s why native advertising introduces sponsored stories within the content your audience is consuming. Successful native ad campaigns build interest and engagement with readers through compelling content.

Our data segmentation and persona creation techniques help us identify your audience segments and develop brand messages that speak to their interests.

We at MPlan work to increase the reach of your content marketing efforts by sharing articles, publishing stories, and growing the conversation.

  • Native ads’ content engages the target audience and grows brand awareness.
  • Native advertising puts the brand in front of wider audiences across multiple online communities and platforms.

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