Radio is one of the most popular media among the people of India. It covers a very large audience. While the FM bandwidth caters to the urban demography, the AM bandwidth covers the rural areas. Internet-based radio stations have transformed exponentially the reach of the medium.

If people can finally recognize you on the radio without being told who it is, that’s what we aim for.
  • Radio advertising has the advantage of local targeting.
  • Not only can you target listeners by geographic area, but you can also target based on listening trends.
  • It helps reach a listener multiple times.
  • FM Radio advertising has a great advantage for high-frequency marketing campaigns.

Best Practices in FM Radio advertising

  • Select the advertising time band on FM Radio in line with the consumer’s listenership habit.
  • Try to get the ad placed closer to the ad breaks in the radio program.
  • Use a mix of jingle length first to create impact and then to maintain continuity in a radio campaign.
  • The message can then be optimized to the intended consumers, to be received when they are traveling without hindering their schedule.

List of FM Radio Advertising options

  • Jingle advertising
  • RJ Mention
  • Sponsorship tag
  • Radio Contest
  • Studio Shift
  • Time Check
  • Roadblock

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The very fact that businesses can target locally and regionally makes radio a very versatile and powerful marketing tool. We at MPlan intend to provide solutions that are crafted to provide the strongest possibility of maximum impact of the message of our clients on their intended consumers, and thereby, make possible the best ROI for our clients, we include radio as part of our spectrum of services.


1.How much does it cost to advertise on FM radio?

FM Radio advertising cost starts at Rs 30 per 10 sec and goes upto Rs 2,500 for a 10 sec ad. FM Radio advertising rate is always mentioned as cost for playing your 10 sec once on a FM station. MPlan can provide you with all the details.

2. What is RAM in context of Radio advertising in India?

RAM starts for Radio Audience Meter and reports FM Radio listenership in India. This is a paid service. Not all stations participate in RAM survey.

3. How much does it cost to run a 30 second radio ad?

Advertising rate for a 30 sec ad on a FM station would be three times that of the advertising rate card.

4. How to give advertisement in FM Radio?

To give an ad in FM Radio stations try to reach out to a radio advertising agency. They will help you both with selecting the right FM channel to advertise as well as getting the best rate for FM advertising. MPlan media can provide the best planning support as well as best FM radio advertising rate.

5. How long should I advertise on the Radio?

While there is no extend on maximum days, it is recommended to advertise at least for a week.