Top 6 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor Advertising has been there for as long as one can remember. Over the past few years it has undergone drastic changes. The OOH market has grown by 9% in 2016 and is now a ₹3000 crore market. This mirrors the level of certainty that exists in this medium and here are few reasons for it.

Capturing Targeted Audience

One of the main reasons for the growth of this medium is its capacity of effectively capturing the right audience at the right place and time. The OOH channels use in-depth demographic data to ensure that the advertisement is placed strategically at the right location.

Cost Effective and Flexible

The OOH channels have the traditional paper billboard advertising methods that are cost effective and even can prove to be a feasible option for not only high end brands but local businesses as well.

Engaging and Impactful

OOH channels like posters and digital billboards are seen as natural and organic mediums for influencing people. Customers are thought to actively seek out advertisements at bus stops, train stations and other such locations which explains why OOH advertising across the globe has an impressive engagement rate of around 16%.

Broad Reach

OOH helps the business grow by reaching out not only to their existing customers but also the future customers. The fact that it’s everywhere is its strength.


It can be trusted both by the public who see the message on the billboard as a sign of strength and stature, building trust, and also by the brands who can be assured of a safe neutral editorial context which displays their message with clarity.

OOH and Media Mix

It’s the basic advertising rule that consumer needs to see something 10 times before they call to action. OOH complements other advertising mediums so well that the ad is viewed multiple times and had the ability to reach a vast area.

When combined, these points make a persuasive argument for businesses to opt for the OOH medium.

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