The Uses of OOH for Retail Stores, and FMCG Marketers

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The Uses of OOH for Retail Stores, and FMCG Marketers

According to a Nielsen’s article on Indian markets in the first half of 2014, consumer confidence not only increased from the first quarter to the second quarter but consumers have also placed more faith in store brand products; and in different channels of FMCG sales like chemist shops.

This means that manufacturers of FMCGs and Retail outlets that sell FMCGs; both named brands and/or store brands, need to work on, simultaneously, entertaining, educating, and localising content; and deliver them to where the consumer lives and shops.

Nielsen published another article that underlines the factors that influence the sales of FMCGs in various retail outlets. They mostly revolve around ideas of reliability and visibility of brands and products on shelves. However, not limited to that both producers and retail outlets, when targeting local/specific markets, must consider the advantages of OOH; both, by itself and in a mix media strategy. OOH plays much role in aiding, improving retention, recall, and sales according to such publications.

  • Firstly it is necessary that  the consumer is aware of the product. This is achieved not only at a broad level throughout the market through television or print advertisements, wherein, the broader message is communicated but must be reinforced at the local level too.
  • Furthering that, OOH advertising can do much to raise awareness regarding the availability of the brand/product in specific stores that consumers prefer to frequent. While TV and Print may take care of communicating the message, and education, OOH advertisements that are creative, and informative, provide a ground presence; an immediate voice.
  • As the study suggests, once the consumers are aware of the brand and its availability, it is up to the brand to ensure that the product is not only sufficiently stocked but visible in the said retail stores. The product advertised must be easily available.
  • The combination of making products available and the consumer aware at the ground level seems the most basic criteria a manufacturer/distributor will have to fulfil to make an impact when entering a new market/region or when entering a new brand/product/packaging in the market. OOH provides a wide array of options in this regard. As always strategy of how communicate the message becomes key.
  • Lastly, OOH can serve as a tool for cross platform communication with QR codes, promotional codes, and twitter handles bringing the message in varied forms as available on different platforms to a wider audience.
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