Television: Addressing the issue of a fragmented audience on a mass medium

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The potential of television in the Indian market is perhaps still untapped in terms of content. As this space continues to grow, the technology used to consume this content is changing rapidly. With DVRs and online streaming, TV shows are now consumed online or with ads being skipped. This throws off not only the ad agency players but makes tracking of viewers of shows itself difficult. How does one interpret TV ratings and judge media buying in this environment?

When TV shows are not always being watched live, or even on TV, the only way to understand the reach of a show and the impact of messages in that slot is to wait and gather data from different sources. However, this goes against the grain of ‘on-demand’ tendency of consumption and the need of advertising agencies and companies to have access to real-time data in order to cater those consumers.

It is clear that older forms of measurement although relevant are not completely sufficient for the changing trends in consumption of TV content as this article mentions a change in methodology of Nielsen in measuring TV consumption. it is true that this information is a couple of years old, but that is also how young the shift in the industry has been in terms of data.

Both the content and the means of delivery need to remapped to suit the vehicles which carry them and the people using those vehicles. There is a unique challenge to knowing how what slots might best leverage engagement and sales for a company. While this may not currently be an issue in India to the extent that it is in more developed countries, the growth of mobile and digital domains in the last one and a half decades ensures that companies will have to shift gears.

This is when companies need to work together with ad agencies that understand that not only are consumption modes changing but also understand the pace at which the modes are shifting. Companies must be able to plan for the present and the future as well. This approach of tracking changes would make the transition, in terms of producing, curating and sharing content smoother for companies.

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