Super-Viewers and The Future of TV Advertising In India: It Is About Content

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A recent Nielsen article suggests the growth of the super viewers in India. These are generally young viewers in their early twenties who spend much time accessing entertainment content on the web including downloading videos and accessing television content.

One can expect that this section of the population will carry forward their habit of accessing television content via the internet. In such an environment television advertising is a puzzle. Television is still relevant in terms of measurement and engagement; and in turn, in returns.

  • Statistics that are measured is accurate but there is little way to track the people who watch TV shows online on websites or video platforms. Traditional measurements do not track them.
  • If content moves online then where does one place advertising? Many people do skip ads placed before the beginning of videos.

It is at this intersection that the answer becomes quality content. Not necessarily length but quality content that engages or solves a problem by being informative, or both. Content that strikes an emotional chord for any of the above reasons is said to be the most effective.

  • Know the brand well, both in terms of its technical specifications and in terms of how it is used by the people. This is a good entry point to know what the product means to the consumer in terms of use value. It allows the company to know what type of conversations it must be involved in too.
  • Regardless of length, the content must be honest to the spirit of the brand and must engage these super viewers when in the domain of television content either on TV or in the digital domain.
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