Mobile Advertising, and Marketing In India: In The Era Of Smartphone Boom

mobile advertising

The Indian market is being flooded with increasing choices when it comes to smartphones. One-third of all the phones shipped to India this year are said to smartphones according to a Nielsen, article. The same write up presents an increase in the internet access through smartphones for varied activities such as messaging, social networking, surfing, shopping, payments, etc.

This means this trend is only expected to continue in the same regard in the coming years. Not only Nielsen article several sources earlier in the year have cited the growth of internet access on mobile. The important point to note is that these sources, have cited the use of not just wi-fi, but cellular data and the growth of 3G over 2G with distinction. All these sources strengthen the claim in the Nielsen’s article that these super-consumers as they are called in the article desire a more global experience when it comes to broadband access.

While that must light up the eyes of service providers, it must also provide a clear indication for businesses. These super-consumers, like super-viewers, are identified to young people.who come from urban areas, and are seen as willing to pay for the services they need. Businesses have long been talking about being mobile ready. Well, here is the audience and the consumer base ready with devices that allows them unprecedented access and mobility. The onus is on the businesses to reach them and service providers to ensure that their desire for a global experience with broadband is realised through consistent service.

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