IPL: An Amazing Advertising Platform

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IPL (Indian Premier League) has been entertaining us for the past many years now and with such a huge cricket following what could be better than a platform like IPL to promote your brand. According to brands, association with this sporting event is the fastest way to stay in public glare.

Brands and IPL

Advertising experts believe that properties like IPL matches give brands a window to experiment with storytelling formats. They invest in IPL as they are aware that there is no viewer fatigue when it comes to watching these matches.

According to Amazon India, one of their campaign’s has so far garnered over 20 million views, 1.5 lakh engagements and 14,000 conversations across mediums.

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Global Media Rights and IPL

Both Star India and rivals Sony had been deemed eligible for Indian television rights after the technical evaluation while Reliance Industries-owned Jio, Times Internet, Facebook, Star India and Airtel were declared eligible for the Indian digital rights. The entire process of the technical evaluation and the opening of the bids was live streamed on the Board’s website.

Recently ‘Star India’ won the ‘Global Media Rights’ of the Indian Premier League (IPL) for a period of five years at a cost of ₹ 16,347.50 crore. These rights include the Indian television, digital as well as the overseas broadcast and digital media rights. 

How the Ad Business at IPL Work

IPL slates to host almost 56 matches and each match has around 2,300 seconds of ad inventory.

Brands are charged for 10-second openings. Normally, a title sponsor will purchase at least 300 seconds every match paying nearly ₹ 5 lakh for every second. Small sponsors hack up close to ₹ 5.75 lakh at regular intervals, while spot purchases of advertisements cost ₹ 6 lakh at regular intervals.

The premium global smartphone manufacturer, VIVO, bid ₹ 2199 crores, which is a 554 per cent increase over the previous contract. In the upcoming five IPL seasons (2018 – 2022), Vivo and IPL will have extensive cooperation in terms of sports events, on-ground activations and marketing campaigns.

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